Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Child's Congregation...

This evening, after tucking the lil' girls in,
I headed over to Will's room.
When I reached for the door knob, it was locked.
I listened and heard him talking inside of his room.
I knocked and he quickly scuffled to the door,
apologizing for forgetting to unlock it
after he had gotten his pajamas on.

He proceeded to tell me
how he had gotten wrapped up
in reading his Bible.
"Oh," I said,
"That's a Good thing to get wrapped up in".

He said,
"We were talking about Jesus,

everlasting life, and evil."
"We?" I asked.

He explained that he was preaching...
to his invisible church congregation.
He continued explaining how he was
reading aloud in John
and was explaining to his congregation
how we are hopeless without Jesus.
And he, also, said that tomorrow morning
he will begin preaching at 7:30am
so he needed to get his sleep.
He would be talking more about
everlasting life tomorrow
and then he would be talking about
evil and the sin of man.

It could go without saying, but I won't let it...
it absolutely thrilled my heart
to have this conversation with my son!
A few months ago,
he had shared with me
that he felt the Lord may be calling him
to be a missionary or a preacher.
And it just tickled me to see him 'in action' tonight.
In the past, he has shared other things
that have thrilled my heart, as well.

What a wonderful blessing it is
to see a child's heart
when it desires spiritual things.
God uses these times, also, to humble me
and to remind me to fervently pray
for these precious ones.

What a mission we have
as their mama!

(photo from our trip to Jamestown)



Oh, that just thrills my heart hearing you tell it. It reminded me so much of our first son. He used to do the same things. He surrendered to preach at fourteen and now has been pastoring our church for the last 18 1/2 years. God is so good. May He bless you and your son. connie from Texas

Anonymous said...

Hello friend. Glad to get your comment! I have really enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures. I mistaked a photo of Carolynne as Beth on your trip to the moon post. Wow, they are really growing.

Praise the Lord your son has a heart for the Lord like he does, what a blessing!

Hubby has found a house he likes a lot. He was home this weekend, it is lonely now that he's gone again. He will contact a realitor this week. Yikes!

Have a blessed day!
Love the Lord, Lisa

Elaine said...

What a blessing! The Lord will surely use such a willing heart.

Mrs.B. said...

This post blessed my heart so much......

Sharon said...

I got so excited reading that your son was reading his Bible and preaching! How wonderful!!! I know you feel so blessed!

May God lead, guide, and direct each one of your children's lives. Keep on praying for them!

HsKubes said...

Connie ~ That was so encouraging to hear. Thank you for sharing that!

Lisa ~ So good to hear from you, too. Yes, Beth and Carolynne are growing. I'm sure yours are, too! I look forward to seeing y'all soon.
I was praising the Lord when Will was telling me those things. It was sucha blessing to hear and see!
So glad your husband found a house. Continuing to pray for the whole situation. Keep me posted. ;o)

Elaine ~ Yes, it was/is such a blessing. I pray he will always have that willing heart and that the Lord will use him.

Mrs. B ~ I'm so glad this blessed your heart. *Ü*

Sharon ~ I was so excited, too. It thrilled my heart to see it. Oh, yes, continuing in prayer for all of them! Praise the Lord I can do that!

Thank you ladies for your kind comments. They're such a blessing.
~ Christina

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is amazing! Did you say that he is only 8???

HsKubes said...

Malina ~ Yes, Will is 8 (well, coming up on 9). ;o) It has been such a blessing to see the Lord working in his heart.

~ Christina

Anonymous said...

"It has been such a blessing to see the Lord working in his heart."

Yes, I can believe that. :-)



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