Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday's Tidbits...

Today the children woke up excited
to use the bubbles that we
had purchased over the weekend...

I love how bubbles can entertain children for so long!
Ally and I enjoyed watching them blow the bubbles
and then chase them as they flew away.

Later in the morning, our doorbell rang,
with an always welcomed 'guest' at the door...
the mailman! (We love to get mail!)
He had a box for us from my mama.
The children and I were very excited to open it...

Inside were birthday gifts for me
and, also, gifts for the children.
My mama is so thoughtful. *Ü*

A few of the gifts were wrapped
quite interestingly.
Two of them resembled large candies
and one was a big hook shape.
And they were wrapped twice!
(Thank you, mama! hee hee)

I couldn't resist opening the hook-shaped one first...

It was a cute hook-shaped bird feeder
with little birds on it.
It almost looked like an oversized spoon.
I love it!
Also in the box was a window bird feeder,
a patriotic birdhouse, a hummingbird feeder
with the nectar, a lighthouse nicnac,
and a copy of the magazine "Birds and Blooms".
She knows how much we love to watch the birds.
We are all very excited about the gifts!

The children enjoyed opening theirs, too...

They had a mini-basketball game,
a mini-bowling game,
some cards (like Go Fish and Memory),
and Ally got a couple of decorative birds
and some flip-flop ponytail holders.

Also in the box were some punch balloons.
The children were very eager to play with these.
Guess who got to blow them all up???
Yep, me. What an ordeal that was...

It was well worth it, though.
The children had a wonderful time
playing with them together...

Later this afternoon, we headed to the grocery store
for our bi-monthly shopping trip.
Two baskets and a couple of hours later
we were heading home to unload.

Did I mention that I'm so thankful
for all of my helpers?

We had a lovely day.
Oh, and I got to chat with my beloved online today.
That is always a blessing!

Hope y'all enjoyed your day!

"This is the day which the LORD hath made;
we will rejoice and be glad in it."
~ Psalm 118:24


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I like the goodies your mother sent you, neat!

Sorry to hear Ally hasn't felt well lately. You all are in our prayers.

Mae and Matt put their money together and ordered a years subscription to Birds and Blooms mag. We love it!

Oh, I also love your hair pulled back on the top like that! Looks very pretty.

Love the Lord, Lisa

Pam said...

Well I must admit that my favorite photo was the one of you blowing up the balloons! So cute! I don't know if I would have thought to have someone snap a shot of that! Loved it and am so happy your mom loved on you and the kids this way!

Caraqueña said...

Hello, Christina, sounds like a wonderful day yesterday! Yes, Christina, that was a Spanish version of Risk on my bed. The boys love it! Appeals to that conquering guy thing, I guess... Yup, ONLY a toy mouse. You have a keen eye...I don't think you'd want to come see it in person! Have another wonderful day and happy belated birthday!

Carol said...

The photos are absolutely wonderful...and it was really nice going through your post...and looks like you had a wonderful time...thanks for sharing this with us...have a great time!!!!

Karen said...

Oh what fun! I love getting surprises! Such thoughtful gifts from a very thoughtful mama!
Punch balloons are much harder to blow up than regular balloons. Did you pass out afterwards? LOL!
I also like the Birds and Blooms magazine. They have such peaceful pictures in them.

HsKubes said...

Lisa ~ Thank you for your prayers! How great that Maegan and Matt chipping in to get a subscription. I think my mom may have gotten me one. We look forward to using it. Thank you for your compliment on my hair. I had to chuckle as I saw the hair dresser coming out of you.
Can't wait to see you. Praying!

Pam ~ Ally took all of those photos of her own accord. She got some pretty hilarious ones, too, that I will send to my mom. lol We had a good time!

Caraquena ~ We did have a great day. I enjoyed seeing your spanish version of RISK. And you're right about the conquering man thing. lol Glad it was a toy mouse. ;o)

Carol ~ Thank you. We did have a wonderful time. Thank you for visiting!

Karen ~ I love getting surprises, too. My mama was so thoughtful. *Ü* Yes, punch balloons are quite hard to blow up. I didn't pass out but after blowing up the three of them I felt as though I could have! Phew! We've enjoyed thumbing through our new magazine so far. We sure enjoy birds.

~ Christina

Shereen said...

Happy Belated birthday. Kayla's b-days is pretty much around yours. Her b-day was on the 3rd. It looks like you had great fun. Bubbles is a favorite at our home as well.

Shereen said...

By the way, Ally looks beautiful in her dress.

HsKubes said...

Shereen ~ Thank you! Happy belated Birthday to Kayla, too. I'll be sure to let Ally know.
We love bubbles here. ;o)
Thank you for your kind words. I'm not sure if you remember but that was the dress I made her last year. She was glad to wear it, again. *Ü* I was wondering if you've made one for your girls, yet? I remember you were going to or did purchase the pattern. I'd love to see it if/when you do.

~ Christina


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