Monday, June 18, 2007

Zucchini and Squash, Please...

Last weekish, my pastor's wife
gave me some squash from her garden.
I had some zucchini, too, and decided
to combine the two for a lovely side dish
to go with our meatless lasagna this evening.
It's a yummy thing, what butter

and a little cornmeal can do...

The picture may not do it a good service,

but it sure tasted good!


Happymama said...

The zucchini and squash look yummy~


HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ Thank you. They were! We were lamenting the fact that we didn't have more.

~ Christina

Dina said...

Here in Malta we have the habit too of frying zucchini and serving them as a side plate to fish. Me personally I like to make zucchini soup normally with or stuff them with a mixture of their own insides, eggs breadcrumbs, onions , some rice and bake them, mmm yummy makes me want them but we have the long ones at the moment and we usually stuff the round ones. There is also a lovely zucchini bake which i tried once and loved. I will look for the receipe and let you know how it is made, it is a non meat receipe.

p.s. I love reading your blog it calms me down alot listening to the lovely music you have.

HsKubes said...

Dina ~ I'd love the recipes. Sound good! Thank you, by the way, for your kind words. The song playing is one of my favorites. ;o)

~ Christina


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