Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Well Do We Know God's Word... continued...

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In a previous post,
I shared how I have been challenged
to know more of God's Word.
I wanted to share a resource
that has helped me in the past
and what I will be doing again.

I have had the privilege
of hearing Evangelist Ron Hood
speak a handful of times.
The Lord has used him in my own life
to allow the Holy Spirit to convict,
challenge, and encourage me...
especially in the area of Scripture memorization

For my Scripture memorization,
I have enjoyed using his resources.
His approach to memorizing Scripture
has worked great for me.
If you aren't sure how to start,
are looking for help in this area,
or are just looking for something
to enrich your memorization journey,
I would recommend his book
How to Sucessfully Memorize & Review Scripture".

Also his
Scripture Memory Cards
have proved very helpful,
especially since I can easily
carry them around with me
and, therefore, make excellent use of my time.

"I have only just a minute,
Just sixty seconds in it;
Forced upon me -
can't refuse it.
Didn't seek it, didn't choose it,
I must suffer if I lose it,
Give account if I abuse it.
Just a tiny little minute,
But eternity is in it."

Without try to sound like a commercial, (lol)
His resources are very inexpensive
(book is $4.00; cards are $2.00)
and well worth checking out.

I wanted to share
some reasons and hinderances
he listed in his book
of why people do not memorize Scripture:

1. Not saved

2. Backslidden

3. Laziness

4. Rebellion

5. Lack of Know-How

6. Procrastination

(a.k.a. "I'll start at this time or at that time"...)

7. Lack of Purpose of Goal
(no reason to or no motivation to)

"Onward and upward
your course plan today.
Seeking new heights
as you walk Jesus' way.
Heed not past failures,
but strive for the prize.
Aiming for goals
fit for His holy eyes."

( from "How to Successfully Memorize & Review Scripture")

The book goes into
greater detail of these reasons
and discusses the reasons
why we should memorize Scripture.

If you aren't memorizing Scripture
or need ideas of how to begin,
check out
Spiritual Success Institute's Resources.

Oh! They also have
freebies on their website!

"Bind them continually upon thine heart,
and tie them about thy neck."
~ Proverbs 6:21


Pam said...

A very helpful post! I've enjoyed catching up here tonight. So sorry about your window, but glad the little guy wasn't hurt! Does the base fix the window for you or is it expense out of your pocket? Just curious how all that works!

Amy ~ said...

Thanks for this Post...I am heading now to check out Evangelist Ron Hood's site now....

Tina said...

Thank you again Christina for another encouraging and challenging post. The boys and I have started to memorize Philippians, but I have not been consistent at all.

HsKubes said...

Pam ~ Thank you! The base will fix the window. Woo hoo!

Amy ~ His resources are well worth it! And he's great to have as a visiting evangelist.

Tina ~ Thank you. Consistency is something I struggle with, too. Continuing to pray for you.

~ Christina


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