Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday's Ways...

Today we kept ourselves busy.
The older ones worked on their learning times
and the lil' ones wanted to, also.
They all spent a little time doing some

Will spent some time working on math...

This was his 'thinking position'.

Ally did a couple of experiments for chemistry...

She was excited to use her test tubes.

The lil' girls spent some time outside in creative play...

Later in the afternoon,
Will, Beth, and Carolynne decided to
take a trip to Congo... Africa...

Here they were in their travel gear...

The weapons were for possible encounters with snakes

and any other wild animals
they had to defend themselves from. ;o)

As the younger ones visited the Congo,

Ally was able to play at the piano a little...

I was able to get a my new dress cut out

and was able to begin on the bodice.
I hope to work on it and possibly finish it tomorrow.

We enjoyed being in God's house this evening.
That is always a blessing!

Hope y'all enjoyed your Wednesday!


Jessica said...

Sounds like a nice day and the little girls dresses are just so cute, I really love those T-shirt dresses.


Pam said...

I love your children's imagination! They remind me so much of my sister's kids, who had to entertain themselves while living in the jungle! There were no errands to run or restaurants or Walmarts to visit, so they became quite creative! It has been different watching my boys at home. My first one was the only child until reaching 11 years of age, so hubby and I were in on his adventures. The same with my second son. I have noticed they play differently when they are the only one in the home. Sometimes it saddens me that they had/have no siblings to share their lives with. With so many years apart, the aren't interested in the same things! Thanks for sharing their art work in the other post too!

lindafay said...

Thank you for the encouraging comments you've left on my blog lately. I also appreciate your prayers.

Blessings to you and yours,

HsKubes said...

Jess ~ It was a nice day. We really like the t-shirt dresses, too. Thank you. ;o)

Pam ~ I'm sure your sister's children have quite the imaginations living in the jungle. I know what you mean about the age gap between children. Ally is 5 years older than Will and 10 years older than Beth/Carolynne so she doesn't tend to have a lot of imaginative play with them, though there are some times she does. But I know they were all born according to God's timing and I am able to see the different blessings that are there with the age difference. ;o) I know that as they all get older that their interests will narrow in a little bit closer. ;o)

Lindafay ~ You're very welcome. Thank you for visiting me. It was very nice to hear from you. ;o)

~ Christina


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