Friday, January 26, 2007

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

{{written Friday, January 26... transferred from other blog}}

My heart was blessed this morning

when my son shared what he read
during his quiet time with God.

He shared with me that he read in Matthew 4

about how the devil tried to tempt Jesus
and how Jesus didn't give into temptation.
We discussed how Jesus responded to the devil

using Scripture and how powerful
God's Word is to fight off temptation.

He shared how he really liked that chapter,
how he never really thought about it that way,
and was glad he learned that this morning.

Later, as he was praying over lunch,

he asked the Lord to help him
fight off temptation and to obey.
He asked Him to help him be more like Jesus.

May that always be our prayer, too.

"And Jesus saith unto them,
Yea; have ye never read,
Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings

thou hast perfected praise"?
~ Matthew 21:16

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children,
and forbid them not, to come unto me:
for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

~ Matthew 19:14

"Whosoever therefore shall humble himself

as this little child,
the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

~ Matthew 18:4

"He must increase, but I must decrease."

~ John 3:30

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