Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday's Musings...

Yesterday at church,
the children sang a song for children's choir.
They sang "This is My Father's World"...

It was so precious to see them
singing from their hearts.
I have enjoyed working with them so much.

Today the children slept in a little bit
(they were still exhausted from the weekend).
It was nice to get up and have quiet time... quietly. ;o)
After rising, we got dressed and ready for the day.
I spent time today doing 'business-type' stuff,
like needed phone calls (doctors, optometrist, oil, etc...),
paid the bills (using our recent budget plan),
washed a little laundry, cleaned a bit, etc...

Also, today, we began our testing
(skeptically raised eyebrow).
Our state requires it so, viola...

We'll be glad when our filling in the circles is finished
and we can move on to more important things. ;o)

This afternoon, Ally worked on a new crochet project...

She is working on squares for a crocheted baby quilt.
She's not sure what she will do with it, yet,
but she is having fun making it.
Here are a few of the pink squares...

She has 16 pink ones and will be making
blue, green, and yellow ones, too,
then piecing them together.

As she was working on that,
I heard Will in the living room.
I went to check on him to see what he was up to
and found him and his sisters here...

They were in there quite a long time

as Will was reading aloud to them.
It was so sweet!

I also got to speak to my beloved today,
and so did the children...
always a blessing!

Hope y'all enjoyed your Monday!


Karen said...

Don't you just LOVE that testing??? :-( We get ours over with in March.
I love that Ally is learning all the "old" handcrafts. She does beautiful work. I'd love to see it when it's done.
We would absolutely love to meet up with you all!! I'll e-mail you a couple of weeks before to let you know exact dates. I hope we can work it out!

Tori said...

So glad we live in Texas, we're not required to test, thank goodness.

The kids are adorable, I'm sure your proud and rightfully so.

Going to look around some more!

Happymama said...

Wow, I've missed a lot. I've been catching up. So let's see....

Yes, NC requires testing, but we always try to enjoy our test week. We take our time on two tests each day during the week and no other subjects. Then at the end of the week we have a testing party. The kids get to pick what we do. Chuck E Cheese, the park, lunch with other homeschoolers, etc. And they watch the mail continuously until the results come in. LOL

Happy testing!! I'm sure they'll do wonderful.


Kelli said...

I really enjoyed these scenes from your day! I spent an hour on the phone trying to set up a dentist appointment. We had to get a referral from our regular dentist so it took so time to get that figured out.
This is my Father's World is one of my favorite hymns. :0)


HsKubes said...

Karen ~ If I could I would skip testing altogether. In SC it wasn't required so it's been quite a few years since we've had to do it.
I love, too, that Ally is interested in 'old' handicrafts like that. I confess that I didn't teach her. I couldn't crochet to save my life, though I'd like to learn one of these days. She does love doing it. She just said the other day that she was so thankful she learned how.
I look forward to an email from you!

Tori ~ Yep, I miss SC where testing wasn't required. Oh well, though.
Thank you. ;o) I am a proud mama.
It was great to hear from you. Praying while y'all are on furlough.

Kristi ~ I plan on getting the children a treat at the end of the week. ;o) They won't really be watching for the results in the mail, though. We're not really interested in them, only doing it because it's required. I'll probably glance at them but likely won't share them with the children. We're still enjoying our time together as we do them but we look forward to being finished with them. ;o)

Kelli ~ I know all too well about spending that much time on the phone. That's what I was doing today. Phew! Hope y'all got it figured out well.
"This is My Father's World" is one of my favorites, too. They did such a good job! It's always such a blessing to see children sing.

Hope y'all enjoy your week ~

Pam said...

I enjoyed peeking into your day! We just finished our testing abou t2 weeks ago and are anxiously awaiting the results. I feel that Shane did quite well!

Ally's crocheting looks wonderful. The squares looked balanced.



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