Thursday, June 21, 2007

Titus 2 Challenge...

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One of my greatest heartbeats
is loving and enjoying my children.
I treasure and believe whole-heartedly
when God declares,
"Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward"
~ Psalm 127:3
(emphasis added)

How sad and tragic it is
when young and older mamas alike
truly do not view their precious children
as God says they are.
All too often
children are seen as being
annoying, burdensome, irritating,
too much to 'handle', etc...
All too often,
mamas can't wait until
their baby is six weeks old
so they can go back to work,
or until school starts up
so the children aren't home all day,
or until bedtime
when they can have a 'peaceful' moment,
or even until their children are grown
and out of the house,
and, perhaps, when their children
have children of their own so they can just
'give the child back to the parent' as a grandparent.

Why are these little souls not treasured?
Aside from sin and the loss of natural affection,
I believe that part of the problem
lies in the older Titus 2 women.
(And we are all older Titus 2 women
in some way and, in the least,
we have the potential to be)

Isn't it interesting in Titus 2, verse 3
that the 'aged women' are commanded to
"...teach the young women to ...
love their children

Wouldn't you think
that loving our children would be 'natural'?
No, it really isn't.
Loving self is our nature... our sin nature.

May we be challenged
to love our children,
enjoy our children,
treasure our children.
They are our blessed heritage
and reward from God Himself.

May we, also, be challenged
to become a Titus 2 woman
and challenge, encourage,
and pray for other mamas
to love their children,
to find joy in their children,
and to treasure them.

Will you, too, step up
to the challenge and God's calling?


Dina said...

I simply agree with you and this is the way I see my children , I do not want them to be away from me and I cherish all the moments together. Sometimes I think that married couples or not have children just for the sake of doing like the rest and this is so wrong because it is there that children become a burden , too much too handle etc... Children are a proof of love of mummy and daddy and they have to see the love amongst them and in the family. God gave us the precious gift of conceiving and having children I pray that all children are loved as they should be!! I really love your post today and agree with you totally.

Ron and Ginny said...

Amen! Although the Lord has not blessed me with children, I agree wholeheartedly! :-D

Amy ~ said...

Very well said Christina! and so very true.

I know that a several years back I had to really work at "loving" one of my children. We have totally different personality types I am a choleric, melancholy more of a serious organized person though I like to have fun BUT only when I am in the "mood" to have fun and this child is an absolute Sanguine always upbeat and always fun and joking.

It would rub me the wrong way and I would get frustrated and snap at this child, and say can't you ever just be settled, and after a bit I would see the disappointment and sadness in their face, and I realized I needed to get over myself and start loving this child just as they were, because if they were just like me would I enjoy that all the time too?

Things have gotten so much better, and I have learned to enjoy them with even their little quirks, and they love me for mine ;)

I see too many moms now though that even when their children are VERY young they pawn them off on family members, friends even husbands because they just don't want to deal with their children, and I try as an "older" aged woman try to lead by example by loving my children.

Sorry for the book ;)

HsKubes said...

Dina ~ Thank you. I pray we are challenged to come along side those that do not seem to be enjoying motherhood. May we encourage them and help them to see God's Truth.

Ginny ~ Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment. ;o)

Amy ~ I have been in a similar situation. Praise the Lord for our differences and that He uses them to teach and grow us. ;o) I am so thankful for the growth that the Lord has brought me through, using my children. What a blessing it is!And leading by example is a wonderful thing but I also believe that we need to prayerfully and loving exhort and encourage other mamas with words and God's Truths. ;o)

~ Christina


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