Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Sewing Project...

Today I was able to work on and finish
my new square neck dress .
Because the fabric was a white linen-type
(though it does have a floral print),
I decided to put a complete lining in the bodice...

I added a contrasting band to the sleeves
and to the bottom of the dress,
using the same fabric I used for the lining.
I was glad to finish it up late this evening...

I look forward to getting lots of use from it. ;o)


Tracy said...

It's beautiful! I love the fabric.

Pam said...

Cute and summery! I just love sqaure necks in dresses or blouses. They make for a nice change.

Dina said...

The dress looks really summery and comfy. How do you find the time?? I feel I am going crazy today , cause I neglected the house this week a bit and not to mention mount washmore and more!!! Oh well at least the kids got to have fun as I spent alot of time with them (more than usual)

Dina said...

p.s. the dress is beautiful you are a good dressmaker i guess.

Ron and Ginny said...

That is beautiful and looks very comfortable. Comfort is what I like best of all! ;-D

Holly said...

I just love your new dress. Where do you get your patterns? ~Holly

Melody said...

The dress turned out beautifully! I really like the white bands you added - it adds a nice touch.

Kelley said...

What a darling dress... I really need to learn to sew!
I love how you used contrasting fabric at the hem and sleeves and the square neckline!
Have a blessed weekend!

Mindy said...

Looks cool and comfortable for summer! So pretty!

Mrs.B. said...

The dress is lovely! Smart idea sewing extra fabric into the bodice....I'm always having to wear undershirts because it seems like material is so thin these days.

Great job! (o:

Brenda said...

Your dress is beautiful, Christina! I'll take one just like it! :)

Karen said...

Very pretty! I love the pattern on the dress. It's very feminine. I just made a square neck dress today too! It is in red, with roses. I wanted something patriotic colored for church tomorrow. ;0) It has tucks in the bodice that were not very easy to make come out straight. It really tried my patience!
I like the length of your dress also. Not all mine are long, but I prefer them that way, and I'm slowly making myself some longer things.

Happymama said...

Very nice, Christina. I love florals so the fabric is great!


HsKubes said...

Tracy ~ Thank you. I really liked the fabric, too. ;o)

Pam ~ I really like the square neck dresses, too. *Ü*

Dina ~ It is very comfortable. Regarding finding time to sew... well, I usually try to spend a whole day of sewing, if I'm able. I stop and take breaks for making lunch, switching laundry over, picking up, read a book, directing the children, etc... Many times Ally and the children will help me and most times I am finishing my project after I put them in bed. I know that there are many that sew 1/2 hour a day but that hasn't worked for me... yet. ;o)
How great that your children were able to spend precious time with you!

Ginny ~ This dress is quite comfortable and it is one of the things I love most about it. ;o)

Holly ~ Thank you. This pattern is from Common Sense Patterns. I posted a link at the top of the post that goes to another post with the link. ;o)

Melody ~ Thank you. I really like making these with contrasting bands, too. *Ü*

Kelley ~ Thank you. I learned to sew about 6 years ago and am thrilled I did. It has been a real blessing!

Mindy ~ It is very comfortable. Thank you. ;o)

Mrs. B ~ Yes, I have found that many fabrics are too thin. I try to stay away from white but when I do use it, I always find I have to wear something under it so this time I decided to just sew something in. I'm so glad I did. Much better!

Brenda ~ Thank you. I had to chuckle at you comment. lol I'd be scared to sew for anyone else. ;o)

Karen ~ Thank you. I'd love to see the dress you sewed. I was hoping for something patriotic but didn't have any other material. This was the closest I could come. I surely understand about having our patience tried with sewing. There are a few things that just are not my favorite things to do. (like plackets... ugh) ;o) I love my dresses ankle-lenghth and have been making all of my new ones this length and am aiming to replace my wardrobe with them. I love the way they flow.

Kristi ~ Thank you very much. ;o)

~ Christina


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