Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sew Sew Saturday...

Saturday, I worked on a new dress for Ally.
She wanted something a bit patriotic for
this Sunday's Independence Day service.
I wasn't able to find much that was patriotic
when I look through my fabric
but did find a floral print that was red, white, and blue.
I didn't have enough of it to make a whole dress
so I used it for a bodice
and then found a white, ribbed, knit fabric
to use for the skirt part of the dress.
I try to stay away from white
but, occasionally, we use it and keep it well lined. ;o)

She likes to add ties to her dresses
but I had forgotten to add them,
so, instead, I made a band out of the floral material.
Because the fabric was thicker,
we couldn't just tie it like a normal dress tie.
Instead, I had to tie it like a neck tie. lol
I was really thankful that my beloved
had taught me how to tie a neck tie.
She liked it, though, and I was glad.

Here was the finished dress...


Happymama said...

Very pretty! I love it!


Kelli said...

It's beautiful!! It will be lovely for the 4th of July!

Dina said...

Well done, that's a beautiful dress. Those colours look good on you Ally.

Sharon said...

The dress is so very pretty and so is your Ally. I am praying for her doctor's visit to go well.

Karen said...

Very pretty and original! I think the tie looks just right. And a pretty smile to match.

HsKubes said...

Thank you, ladies! *Ü*

~ Christina
(and Ally)

Brenda said...

Beautiful dress! And, her hair is so pretty too! :)


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