Monday, June 11, 2007

He Doesn't Know His Own Strength...

We had a lovely time Saturday evening
having sourdough pizza
with our special guests.

As I was in the kitchen
finishing up some pizzas,
my pastor's wife and I were talking
and she pointed out our squirrel
that was sitting on the bird bath
eating the bird seed.
I was telling her how the children
enjoy trying to scare the squirrel
by smacking the window.
Well, as I was saying this,
Will got up from his chair,
headed to the window,
and smacked the window...

There was quite a noise
that came from that smack
and then we saw why...

His hands went through the window!

Some of the pieces fell on the ground
and cracks went up and down the window.
(It's taped up in the photo
but you can click it to get a closer look.)
He was okay, just shaken up.
He had only two minor scratches
but was fighting off tears.
I hugged him and talked to him a little,
reassuring him that I was not upset with him.
I knew it was an accident.
I wrapped up his wrist
and he took a little time
to gain his composure.

It was a tough lesson that was learned.
And praise the Lord he wasn't hurt badly.

Poor son... He just didn't know his own strength.


Jessica said...

Poor little guy! Praise the Lord he wasn't hurt too bad.


Happymama said...

Ohh, Poor Will. I'm glad he wasn't hurt.


Mrs. Brigham said...

Oh goodness! Thank the Lord that your little guy was not badly injured.

I recall accidentally making a hole in the wall of my parent's new house when I jokingly punched the wall. Our house up north was made of MUCH sturdier material than the homes are built with down south. Your son is not the first to have a little oppsy :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Will's wrist is ok. I'm sure that was scary, I know it would have scared me.
Mrs. Bowman

Anna S said...

Thank you for visiting! You have such a lovely blog here. I love the background... and the soft relaxing music.

Something similar to what you describe here happened to me a couple of years ago. I still have the scar. :)

Amy ~ said...

Wow! so glad Will is OK. Also happy besides the window mishap you had a nice visit with your Pastor and his wife.

Praying for Will's hand to heal and not cause him too much pain.

HsKubes said...

Jess ~ Yes, we are praising the Lord for His protection.

Kristi ~ We are so glad that he wasn't hurt too much, too. ;o)

Mrs. Brigham ~ Yes, thanking the Lord that he wasn't hurt badly. It really could have been much worse. Hope you weren't hurt when you punched a hole in your parents' wall. I'm sure it must have startled you. I know our Will was quite startled.

Mrs. Bowman ~ We are so glad that his wrist is okay, too. It was a bit scary. I was very thankful he was able to learn a lesson without hurting himself more. The Lord is Good.

Anna ~ I was glad to see that he won't have a scar but we're sure the lesson will remain just the same. ;o) Thank you for your kind words.

Amy ~ We are glad he's okay, too. Thank you for your prayers. *Ü* We were glad that even though we had a little incident, we were still able to have a lovely time of fellowship.

~ Christina

Melissa said...

:O You are so sweet! "Poor son...He just didn't know his own strength". That is such a kind-hearted thing to say! I only hope I could be as understanding as you in this situation...which was clearly an accident.


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