Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday's Fillings...

Today we worked a little
at spring cleaning the house.
I also sorted through the garage
to 'dig out' a table and chairs set
for the
new gazebo.

Each of the children helped
by grabbing a chair.
It was sweet to see them helping.
They did have an alterior motive, however...
They were eager to use the table
to watercolor on.
So after we set it up,
they got busy at watercoloring...

As they were watercoloring,
Ally was filling all of our feeders with bird seed...

Here were the children's
finished watercolors...

They were such beautiful paintings to this mama.

I was also blessed with chatting with my beloved.
Those are always wonderful moments!

Another blessing today
was that I found something in our garage!
Wait... let me preface...

About a month and a half ago
(when my mama was here visiting),
the girls and I went to another church's tea
while my mama stayed home with Will.
I told Will that he could do something
for a particular amount of time
and to set the timer on the microwave
then stop when it went off.

Well, he accidently cooked NOTHING
in the microwave for 45 minutes! yikes.
Needless to say, we have been without one
for the last month and a half.
I attempted to get one from Freecycle
but it didn't work out
and it just wasn't in our budget to get a new one.

Well, when I was digging out
that table and chairs set from the garage,
I opened a box that was labeled "sewing fabric".
Not only was there fabric in there,
but underneath the fabric
was our old microwave!
(military packers... lol)
What a blessing that was!

I brought it in. Ally cleaned it out...
and, viola, a 'new to us, again' microwave!
We were so excited,
we just HAD to have something
that we hadn't had in quite some time...


God is SO Good!


Ron and Ginny said...

That's really nifty how stuff like that happens! :-D And...I love the watercolors. They really look good.

Mrs.B. said...

What a blessing!

And I really like those water colors.....You should frame them! (o:

Melody said...

I just love it when God does things like that - that's great you have a microwave again!

Thanks for sharing it!

Amy ~ said...

Yummy! Such a great treat after a long weeks work ;)

The water color pictures are so sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alesha said...

Oh,amen! That reminds me of the widows oil and meal! God provides some things so miraculously that He removes all doubt about it just being a "conincidence". I love it when He "shows off" for us! Such great life lessons for the kiddos, too! Have a great weekend. Alesha

Alesha said...

that should be "coincidence"


Happymama said...

I looked at your gazaebo. I loved it! And I'm glad you found your old microwave.


HsKubes said...

Ginny ~ I love it when things like that happen, too!

Mrs. B ~ It sure is a blessing. I thought about framing their paintings, too. Although, we will probably send a few of these to Daddy. ;o)

Melody ~ I love it when God provides that that, too! *Ü*

Amy ~ It was a nice treat, indeed! Hope you enjoy your weekend, too!

Alesha ~ I love when He shows us His Goodness, too. It was a great lesson for the children (and I) to experience and talk about.
Thank you for visiting. ;o)
Oh, and it's okay about the typo... my beloved just pointed out Friday that I had made one in one of my posts... LOL.

Kristi ~ We are really enjoying it, too! It was a blessing that we were able to get it and then the Lord provided us with the microwave, too! We're so excited and so thankful. *Ü*

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Lord's Day.

~ Christina


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