Friday, June 15, 2007

Girls New T-Shirt Dresses...

Last night, after the younger ones went to bed,
I sewed Beth and Carolynne
a couple of new t-shirt dresses.
They seem to be growing like weeds!

They look forward to wearing them today

to our homeschool park day.

Hope y'all enjoy your day!


Mrs. U said...

SOOO pretty!! Your directions for the dresses don't seem TOO hard, but I still am scared to death to try to sew! LOL!!

Mrs. U

Anonymous said...

I really like these and I really want to make some I think I'm just a little scared of messing up :)!
Mrs. Bowman

Ron and Ginny said...

Those are so nifty and I'm sure they are very economical and easy to make. Children are always happy to have something new just for them. :-D

Amy ~ said...

I love these dresses, and the directions DO look pretty easy! Maybe next week I will try my hand at making some.

My girls wear T-shirt dresses to bed because nightgowns that are modest are so expensive and hard to come by.

Thanks for such a great idea!

Mrs. C said...

You chose great colors for summertime! I am again lamenting the fact that I can't sew a stitch (no pun intended:D).

Lana G! said...


Dell said...

Those are GREAT! So many t-shirt dresses it seems the knit shirt stretches and "grows" at the bottom where it attaches to the skirt. (Mine did when I made them too.)

Yours look fabulous and smooth!

Have fun at the park!

Karen said...

Sew cute!!

Anonymous said...

The dresses look real nice,Maybe I
might find them some cute t-shirts
to send them
Love mom

HsKubes said...

Mrs. U ~ They aren't too hard. The most difficult is the gathering, but not too bad. I hope your learning to sew is going well. ;o)

Mrs. Bowman ~ Most of my sewing has been in trial and error. ;o) But the mistakes have been worth the learning. I still can't decide if the seam ripper is a friend or foe. lol But I do enjoy sewing and am glad that I'm able to. Give it a try. ;o)

Ginny ~ They are pretty economical and pretty easy/quick to make. Yes, the children do love to have something new made just for them. They're such sweeties and sure know how to make a mama feel good. ;o)

Amy ~ I'd love to see them if you make them. I have a couple of pajama shirts that I want to turn into t-shirt dress-pajamas. I hope to tackle that one of these days, too.

Mrs. C ~ I just fell in love with the pink/blue colors. I had to laugh at your 'no pun intended'... lol... Ya know, it's never to late to learn to sew. I didn't learn until I was in my mid to later twenties. ;o)

Lana G ~ Thank you!

Dell ~ I have found that with some of the shirts the fabric does stretch. If it stretches too much, you can sew a quick gathering stitch on the shirt, too, and then gather just a bit. These were the first dresses that I did it to. All of the other dresses, I just sewed it as it was cut. I always love the dresses your girls are in. So pretty!

Karen ~ LOL... Thank you. ;o)

Mommy ~ Oooh... The girls (and I) would like that! Love you!

~ Christina

Caraqueña said...

Hello, Christina! I'm finally getting around to answering your question about smashed sandwiches..someone always asks! A smashed sandwich is made on bakery bread (like a roll or something, an individual bread), loaded with mayo, cheese whiz, ketchup, tomatoes, ham, cheese, anything you want really! Then you put in on the electric skillet or budare ("grill" in the center of my Venezuelan stove), SMASH it with something heavy, turn until nice and brown. Yum, yum! Have a great weekend!

Chyrll said...

They are so cute, I never thought of that. Great job.

Pam said...

Cute and summery dresses! I love their crocs also! My son has some in the Florida Gator colors with their emblem on them. He loves them! They are so convenient for the everyday stuff!

The Cheerio Queen said...

those are so cute! I just re read your post on how to make them. I need to get a sewing machine so I can make some for my daughter. she loves dresses and at her age of 8 it is so hard to find cute dresses that go below their ahem...rump lol.


HsKubes said...

Caraquena ~ Thank you for explaining. Sounds interesting. ;o)

Chyrll ~ Thank you. They're great little dresses and not hard to make. *Ü*

Pam ~ The girls love their dresses and they love their crocs, too. They are comfy and, yes, convenient.

Jenna ~ Thank you. It is difficult to find decent dresses nowadays. That's what compelled me to learn to sew. ;o)

~ Christina

Mrs.B. said...

Those dresses are so pretty!

HsKubes said...

Mrs. B ~ Thank you. ;o)

Happymama said...

Love the dresses. They're so cute! How do you cut the dress part? Do you cut two pieces or just stitch up the back?


HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ Thank you. At the top of this post, there is a link to the t-shirt dress how-to. It explains it in detail. I do cut two pieces. It makes it more full. Hope that helps.

~ Christina


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