Saturday, June 2, 2007

How Doth the Busy Bee...

We have been keeping busy
the last few days.
Thursday we drove a little while away
with some friends to a place
that I enjoy eating at
for a pre-birthday outing.
We enjoyed ourselves for a while
and then drove back to our friends' house
to pick up a few things
so they could stay a couple of days with us
(since her beloved is deployed, too).
While we were there
the children enjoyed chasing
the wild turkeys, again...

We had a fun evening of fellowship.

Friday morning, Will really wanted
cinnamon muffins for breakfast,
so I let him help in making them...

He really enjoys helping in the kitchen.
He was more than glad to eat them, too.

Later in the morning on Friday,
we had our homeschool park day.
The children always enjoy
our fellowships at the park
(as do the mamas).

They all had fun swinging...

Ally (right) with her friend

Will and his friend

Carolynne and Beth

They also spent time in active play.
Will enjoyed playing
a 'modified' game of badmitton

(with no net)...

Ally played for quite a while
and then enjoyed watching
as the others played...

Beth and Carolynne
kicked a ball together...

Afterwards, we spent the afternoon with our friends
and had our sourdough pizza night with them.

After enjoying an entire loaf
of sourdough bread this morning,
our friends went home
and the children and I went out to lunch
and then to buy some fabric
(my birthday present from them... my treat *Ü* )
When we got home,
we enjoyed some birthday 'crumb' cake and ice cream.
(The crumb cake was the result of the cake
sliding out of the pan too fast,
plunging itself to the cooling rack
breaking into pieces... still yummy though)

We had a very enjoyable past few days
and look forward to a restful Lord's Day tomorrow.

I have received a few questions via comments and email
and, Lord willing, hope to prayerfully answer them soon.

I hope y'all have enjoyed your week.
Have a blessed Lord's Day!

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The Cheerio Queen said...

Sounds like you have been a busy bee! oh an HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) By the way I have not had much time to comment on posts but I loved your post on nurturing marriages! Thanks I needed to see that. ;) Hubs and I are coming out of a perios of "God Testing time" where the good lord has done some serious work on our family and this is one area we want to focus on now :) As always your awesome!



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