Saturday, June 23, 2007

Morning Trip to the Moon...

This morning as I was making pancakes,
the younger ones were in the kitchen
searching for their space gear
and then they headed outside to their space shuttle
to blast off to the moon...

Indoors, Ally seemed to be having

an adventure of her own.

Ah, what a delight my children are!

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..."
~ Proverbs 17:22


Sharon said...

They are the best looking astronauts I've ever seen! ;-)

Sandlappersue said...

Okay Christina, you had to go and make me cry by putting the words to that song on here, didn't ya'?
Every time my children play that Patch tape I totally stop up my ears so that I won't cry. The time is fleeting anyway so I don't like having to be reminded. Just joking, errr, sort of.
I am still enjoying your blog! Thanks for edifying all of us through your dailies. I am still hoping Brittany and I can meet you guys one day....maybe at next year's camp meeting or something.

May the LORD bless ya'!

Your Friend,

Susan Watson

HsKubes said...

Sharon ~ Thank you. I thought the same thing but figured my opinion was biased. ;o)

Susan ~ It was great to hear from you! I'm the same way with our Ron Hamilton cd. I will often skip this song because I have such a hard time getting through it without crying. But it is such a sweet song, isn't it?
I am hoping we will be able to meet sometime, too. I'm praying the Lord will allow us to go to the campmeeting next year. Or maybe we'll somehow meet otherwise. Either way, I look forward to the day.

Hope you ladies enjoy your weekend.
~ Christina

Mrs. U said...

I LOVE this!! I love children's imaginations!!

I remember my parents having a REALLY large cardboard box for some reason. My dad cut out a door and my sister and I drew lots of "buttons" inside it. We said it was our spaceship!! LOL!!!

Thank you for sharing this! It's wonderful!

Mrs. U

Pam said...

Oh I just love it! Those helmets are something else! Thanks for sharing this with us so we could have a smile!

Tina said...

These pictures were so sweet! What Ron Hamilton song are you referring to?

I recognize Sandlapper Sue from the Mom's board!!

Kelli said...

What a fun adventure!


HsKubes said...

Mrs. U ~ I just love children's imaginations, too! They tickle me so much! What a sweet memory of your dad and your sister. Those are such precious times!

Pam ~ Their helmets made me laugh. When they first started digging in the cabinets in the kitchen, I had no idea what they were doing. lol But I was glad to let them continue on. ;o)

Tina ~ The Ron Hamilton song is "Cherish the Moment". I posted about it in a previous post recently. How neat that you recognize Sue. I actually met her through a message board a few years ago. *Ü*

Kelli ~ Yes, it was quite a fun adventure. ;o)

~ Christina


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