Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tuesday's Tidbits...

This morning, we continued with our testing.
Ally was able to finish today
and Will is going to be finished tomorrow.
I had to smile at them
as they were making their surroundings
a little more 'enjoyable' as they tested...

Will decided it was more interesting
to not take the test alone,
but to, instead, have a few spectators...


Ally decided that tests were much better served...

with tea...

Afterwards we had a busy day running errands...

going to the post office, having a little lunch,
going to the golf course to pay a fee
for Will's upcoming golf clinic
(which he is excited about),
going to the local 'super-store'
to pick up a few grocery items
and some yarn for Ally's upcoming crochet project,
and then to get the oil changed.

It was nice to get home, put our feet up,
and enjoy our supper.
It is, after all, Taco Tuesday. Mmmm...

Hope y'all enjoyed your day, too.


Military Mommy said...

I had to giggle about the spectators and tea. : ) Glad you are all enjoying your summer.

Dell (PrairieFrog Blog) said...

I love Will's audience! That is so fun. I'd want a cup of tea with my test myself.

Thank you SO much for the comment mentioning gathering the shirts too for the t-shirt dresses! That's brilliant! I'm going to revisit t-shirt dresses and try them your way!

Thank you for the tip.

I make some of my girl's dresses, but due to lack of experience, I've very slow at it, so I buy some from seamstress friends and such to supplement.

Pam said...

I couldn't believe the photo or Will and his little buddies. My son does the same thing sometimes. We homeschool and Shane is an only child, so I'm sure he gets a little lonely now and then. Sometimes he puts his beanie babies all around him, but it's usually his soldier men. So endearing!

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi friend! I am not quite sure who's blog lead me to yours but here I am. You have a lot of great links on your site that I'll have to check out. Where are you stationed? We are at Camp Pendleton. It's nice to see another Marine wife (gunny at that) with a similar heart. God Bless!


Sheri said...

Ah, Will's spectators were great! I'm all smiles and reminded of my brother when he was young. Lots of tiny army men around him most of the time too.

HsKubes said...

Military Mommy ~ His spectators and her tea made me giggle, too. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer, as well.

Dell ~ You're very welcome for the tip. I'd love to see any t-shirt dresses you get sewed. ;o) I always enjoy seeing your lil' girls' dresses. I hope to take time to sew a 'real' dress for my girls one of these days. *Ü*

Pam ~ How cute that your son will do that, too. Will's not an only child, but he is the only boy so I know that he still feels lonely sometimes. ;o)

Malina ~ Semper Fi! Thank you for visiting! It's always a blessing to meet other military, homeschooling family! We are stationed in coastal NC (I'm sure you may be able to pick a base out *Ü*). I enjoyed peeking over at your blog, too, and will return. ;o)

Sheri ~ I was tickled at his spectators, too. Boys (as are girls) are so precious!

~ Christina


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