Friday, June 29, 2007

You Might Be a Military, Homeschooling Mama When...

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I've seen lots of 'You Might Be a Homeschooler If's...'
and so forth but I've never been able to find
any that were made specifically for Military homeschoolers.
So I've been working on some for a little while
and thought I would share them.

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You Might Be a Military, Homeschooling Mama When ...

... you get orders to transfer overseas
and see it as a three year field trip!

... you get orders to another state
and still see it as an extended field trip.

... you find out your next duty station
and do extensive research on all the great field trips
you can take while you are living there
and possible field trips during the move.

... you ask family to send you educational toys
for birthdays and Christmas.

... your husband gets that promotion
and you start searching through your homeschool catalogs
making lists of possible books and supplies to buy.

... you try to order curriculum while living overseas
and the seller can't understand what an APO/FPO
address is, so you spend 20 minutes explaining.

.... your book purchasing is put on hold
because you have no address for them
to send the books to while you're living in the
temporary housing unit on base in between moves.

... you get orders overseas and you barely make it
under your allowed maximum weight due to
all the 'curriculum' you are transporting.

... you spend thirty days 'car schooling' while transferring
to your new duty station.

... your children are heard speaking occasional words
in the native language of the last country you lived in
and other kids, moms, and family members are impressed.

... Daddy sends home dirt, rocks, and other natural things
while on deployment and you count it as doing science
as the children study and gawk over it.

... you can teach geography just by studying
the places you've lived and the places
that Daddy has been to on deployments.

... you don't have to wait until the school year
is over to move.

~ Christina K ©February 2006


Ron and Ginny said...

LOL! We were not homeschooled, but my Dad was in the Army and I remember some of those from my childhood.

Mrs. Mandy said...

You have summed up my thoughts exactly!

HSing Moma to DS14, DS7 &DD5months
Married to the Military since 2000


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