Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday's Ways...

Woo hoo! Will finished up his testing today.
I was proud that he handled it well.
And now we're finished with it,
which I am thankful for.

We had quite a bit of downpouring today,
mixed with some mild thunder and lightning.
But, oh, how I love the smell of rain!
When it first started to rain,
the children and I went out to enjoy the smell!

Later this afternoon,
Will and I had an optometrist appointment.
The children were glad to use their umbrellas. ;o)
Our appointments went well
and neither of us needs glasses.
Though he did say that I am a little far-sighted
and if it made me more comfortable
I could get one of those cheap dollar store pair
of +1 reading glasses.
I'll skip that for now since it doesn't make
a big difference to me.
I must say that I am thankful we have an optometrist
that is a Christian and that supports homeschooling.
That is such a blessing!

A few days ago I received an email from my beloved.
In it was a photo that he had sent to his mother.
He, also, shared it with me and I couldn't help but laugh.
I just thought I'd share it with y'all.

He recently had a birthday
and his mother sent him a card
that, inside, made a minor comment
about not being so young anymore. lol
Well, my husband used to be quite active and such
and one of the things he enjoyed doing
was trick roller-skating, handstands, etc...
He thought his mama would get a kick
out of seeing him attempting something like that
at his 'ripe' ol' age... lol...
He sure cracks me up...


He said he didn't feel so young afterwards
but he did have fun doing it. ;o)
We sure miss him around here.

I hope y'all are enjoying your day,
rain or shine.
We look forward to being in God's house
and fellowshipping with God's people this evening.
Hope y'all do, too.


Karen said...

Congratulations to Will!
We had those thunderstorms rage through here last night, so I figured they'd be on their way there today. There were several fires from the lightening. Glad you didn't get the really bad stuff!
I can see a bit of "mischief" in your beloved's face! LOL! He and my beloved would probably get along very well. I know you miss him, and can't wait for his return. We still remember you all in our prayers.

Tori said...

So glad you got an e-mail from your sweetie, and wow that picture is pretty cool. I bet his mom got a kick out of that one.
Thanks for sharing.

devildogwife said...

That's too funny. They tend to get a bit goofy over in the sandbox. Guess it's all that heat ;) Glad you heard from him. I know pictures are always welcome.

Happymama said...

I love the smell of rain too. It's so refreshing!

The picture is hilarious. I know it was brought a smile to your face. :)


Anonymous said...

ROFL, my husband peeked over at my computer and started laughing. I asked him is he recognized him but he doesn't. You know what a small Corps it is. He was wondering your husband's MOS. Of course, you'll have to e-mail it to me or send it in a comment and I can delete it. That's a neat picture though. Oh and yes, I do know where you are at. :-D


madjohn said...

LOL! What is it with these husbands. Mine is the same way. Trying to prove to himself and others that his is just as young at 41 as he was at 18. Well, gotta love them for it, and sometimes inspite of it, too. :)

Happy Birthday to him!!

And hooray for Will finishing his testing!! We don't have to do that here in NJ. For which I am thankful.

And what a blessing not to need glasses. Chloƫ and I need them, and its the pits. She had hoped for them when she was younger, then she got them. She, then, was trying to figure out what on earth she was thinking. lol. We both use contacts, but oh how nice it would be not to have to. Yet, God is good.

Continue to be a blessing! ~madeleine


Glad your eye appointment went well and no glasses needed. That is a blessing for sure. I hope you enjoyed church tonight. I sure did. See you later, have a good night. connie from Texas

Dina said...

Well done Will. We love the smell of rain here too. When it rains the kids get ready with their rain trousers and boots so they can go puddle jumping, (they love it!!) Congratulations on your eye tests too. I want to come back and read your yesterday's post as now I am getting ready to go out and have no time (actually I am running late) good day to you .

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ I'm thankful we didn't get the storms too badly, too. We did enjoy the rain, though.
Had to laugh when you said you saw a bit of 'mischief' in my husband. He would not deny the look. ;o)
Thank you for your prayers.

Tori ~ It's always a blessing to get an email from him. ;o) I'm sure his mom got a kick out of it, too. I know I did!

DevilDogWife ~ Yes, they do tend to get a bit goofy in the sandbox. It's increased due to the heat. ;o)We were glad to get the photo.

Kristi ~ Yes, there is something wonderful in the smell of rain. We thought the photo was hilarious, too. It did make us smile. ;o)

Malina ~ Yes, it's a small Corps. ;o) Though he may not recognize him, there's a chance they may have crossed paths before. I'll have to check with my beloved about his MOS, it may have changed when we moved here.

Madeleine ~ My beloved loves to do those 'youthful' activities still. ;o) I enjoy seeing him delight in it.
How nice that testing isn't required in NJ. I do miss SC, where it wasn't required there, but we survived. ;o)
We were glad that neither of us needs glasses, yet. ;o)

Connie ~ Thank you. We are glad our appointment went well, too. It was precious to hear Will give that as a praise last night at church. ;o) We did enjoy our service. It's always a blessing to be in God's house and around God's people. Glad you enjoyed your evening, as well.

Dina ~ Yes, we do love the smell of rain. We love to play in it, too. Not too long ago, I posted about them playing in the rain. They love it!
Hope you enjoyed your day today.

~ Christina

PortraitofPeter said...

A wonderful photo of your loving husband and to all within the Military - they retain always my thoughts and prayers for their duty and honour in protecting society.

Blessings to you all.

Pam said...

How funny! I'm so glad you shared it with us. I know it melted your heart when you received it.

HsKubes said...

PortraitofPeter ~ Thank you and thank you, also, for your prayers.

Pam ~ I thought it was so funny. Yes, it certainly did warm my heart.

~ Christina


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