Saturday, July 10, 2010

Walking Therein...

"And the LORD saith,
Because they have forsaken my law
which I set before them,
and have not walked therein;
But have walked after
the imagination of their own heart,
and after Baalim,
which their fathers taught them."
~ Jeremiah 9:13-14

As I spent quiet time with JEHOVAH this morning,
I read this verse and began thinking on it.

A few thoughts...

Where have I forsaken HIS law?
Where am I not walking in HIS way?
Where have I adapted the ways
of my own logic?
Where have I, in ignorance
(not lining up with HIS Truths),
adapted the tradition, teaching,
logic, or private interpretation
of my "fathers"?

Where have I allowed Satan
to deceive, blind, confuse, or distract
from His Truth?

As I sit at Your feet, Father,
show me.

"Open thou mine eyes,
that I may behold wondrous things
out of thy law."
~ Psalm 119:18

"Thus saith the LORD,
Stand ye in the ways, and see,
and ask for the old paths,
where is the good way,
and walk therein,
and ye shall find rest for your souls..."
~ Jeremiah 6:16


Kristi said...

It is with this attitude of humbleness that the Lord will show us exactly where we are in Him. Thank you for this reminder!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Something for all of us to think about. Thanks for that wonderful post.

Mrs. C said...

Good reminders, Christina! Thanks for sharing. :)

PlainJane said...

Wonderful questions Christina! Over the last couple of years or so my eyes have been opened more & more to things that I was taught, either through tradition or even things in Bible college, that I now see are not in keeping with the Father's Law. Always growing.

Enjoyed seeing the photos below too - I'm tickled pink that you have found a church home so quickly.


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