Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Thinning Hair...

In a recent post, I showed how I thinned Ally's hair.
After the cut, we had gobs of hair on the floor
but we didnt take of any of the length
(save about a quarter inch).

I was asked how I thinned it
and wanted to share what we use.
Maybe many of you have seen these...
they come in very handy in our family.
I use these on Will frequently.
They are thinning shears...

They cut fewer pieces of hair, thinning it out,
yet, they do not take away from the overall length.
I don't recall where I got them from
but am thankful that we have them.

Hope that helps!


Karen said...

My mom used these on my hair a lonnng time ago! I now wish I had that thickness back! LOL
It's a pretty ingenius invention.


I would probably have to see you use them to know exactly how they work. I usually have to see things demonstrated. Directions aren't enough for me.lol connie from Texas

Mrs. U said...

I have these, as well!! I LOVE them! I cut my family's hair and my son has the THICKEST hair of anyone I've ever met. He LOVES when I thin it out- he says he feels much cooler and like he weighs less!! LOL!!

Mrs. U

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ lol... I noticed as time goes by the thickness fades away, too. I learned about these from my mom, as well. A great tool to have around.

Connie ~ I know what you mean. I usually have to see things, too. Instead of having a straight edge on both sides to completely cut the length of the hair, it has 'teeth' to only cut a small portion of the hair. It is still cutting the hair but leaving the majority of it. So I guess, in a way, it ends up being a bit layered, you just can't tell. I wish that made sense. lol They are great for thick hair, though, that wants to be thinner.

Mrs. U ~ I love these, too! My son has extremely thick hair, as well. And he loves for me to thin his, too... especially since the only other option is to shave it, which he doesn't like at all (me either). So these are great for our family, too.

~ Christina

Mrs.B. said...

I use these on my dogs! (o:

The only thing you have to be careful about is the thinned hair is much weaker and can break off much more easily than before.

Her hair looks great, you did a good job! (o:

HsKubes said...

Mrs. B ~ I can see how these would be nice to use on dogs. It does thin hair quite well. Ally continues to enjoy the lightness of her hair. Thank you for visiting, by the way!

~ Christina


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