Sunday, May 6, 2007

My Mother's Gentle Love...

This morning, in church,
the children sang their Mother's Day song
that they've been working on
for the last couple of months.
It was a real blessing...



Just beautiful. Mothers are truly a gift from God. Happy mother's Day to you!!! connie from Texas

Sheri said...

So sweet!!!

HsKubes said...

Connie ~ Yes, mothers are a special gift. Happy Mother's Day!

Sheri ~ Thank you. I hope it was a blessing to you.

~ Christina

Tim Delello said...

My wife is looking for the sheet music to this song. Do you happen to have a copy of it..or info as to where we can purchase a copy of it?

God bless

Susannah Ausitn said...

I too am looking for this sheet music. But, I need it by Wednesday, May 6. Two teen girls who just got baptized would like to sing and sign this for their mothers (one is deaf) on Sunday.

HsKubes said...

Susannah ~
The only place I know to find this particular song is in the Praises 3 Songbook from Majesty Music.
Here is a link where it shows a listing of the songs:

I used to have a copy but have been unable to find it for some time.
I hope the link helps.
Thank you for visiting!
~ Christina


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