Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday's Fillings...

We had a bit of a busy day today.
We met some fellow homeschoolers
at a local park for our park day.
The children enjoyed playing
and the mamas enjoyed fellowshipping.

After the park, the children and I
went to a friend's house,
whom we're housesitting for,
to feed her chickens and check on things.

Ally was excited to play on their piano
(which is not as badly out of tune as ours... lol)

She also helped in feeding the guinea pigs.

The younger children and I went outside
to feed the chickens.
We cleaned out their feeder
and filled it back up, again...

They enjoyed watching the chickens eat...

They also enjoyed chasing off the wild turkeys...

They had so much fun doing this!
And I enjoyed watching them delight in it.

These were near the chicken coop
and I thought they were very pretty...

I hope y'all enjoyed your Friday, too!


Tracey Rowsell said...

That looked wonderfully fun!! God Bless!!


HsKubes said...

Tracey ~ It was a lot of fun!
Thank you for visiting.
It was great to hear from you, again.

~ Christina


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