Thursday, May 3, 2007

How Doth the Little Busy Bee?

Early this morning, I saw my mama off to the airport.
She made it home safely, praise the Lord,
though on her way off the plane
she was knocked down by someone's luggage...
poor mama!
She is okay, though hurting a bit.
We were, however, thankful that it happened
at the last stop and not during a layover.

After seeing mama to the airport this morning,
I came home to pick up the children...
by the way, I don't recommend
trying to get on base early in the morning.
What should be a 5 minute drive
ended up being over 25. wow!
But I was able to see the beautiful sunrise!
It really was breathtaking.
And Ally got to observe the early birds this morning.
She got some nice videos of them.

After getting home,
I got the children up and ready,
then we headed to the church
to decorate for our ladies' tea fellowship
this coming Saturday.
We spent a couple of hours there
and then headed to the commisary.

A couple of hours later,
we were glad to be home
and were able to relax after unloading the groceries.

We have a busy next couple of days ahead of us.
Tomorrow morning we have our homeschool park day
and in the afternoon, Ally has an appointment
with the homeopathic 'doctor'.
Then Saturday we need to bake and make
the food for the ladies' tea that afternoon
and then, of course, attend the tea. Yea!

Hope y'all are enjoying your week, too!


Mrs. C said...

I'm glad that your mom wasn't seriously injured! I hope your next couple of days are productive. Maybe you'll get some more ideas that will help Ally at tommorrow's appointment.

Anonymous said...

Your poor mother :(. Good luck with Ally's appointment tomorrow. I will offer some advice though. I am all for alternative, natural approaches to health problems but I will tell you that if Ally does indeed have Graves Disease you have to be extremely careful what she takes. Anything that overstimulates her immune system could be damaging to her. Since in Graves Disease there isnt actually something wrong with your thyroid, its your bodies immune system making antibodies that attack your thyroid. If you stimulate your immune system you could just be stimulating more of the nasty little antibodies that will keep attacking her. I'm pretty sure I read that on one of the websites I posted for you to check out. The last thing is stay away from iodine, even if its naturally occuring. Kelp is something that I know is given for thyroid health, unfourtunately its LOADED with iodine and it will make anyone with hyperthyroidism very ill. So those are my thoughts. One question I do have is Has Ally been checked for Lupus? Hope your day is wonderful tomorrow!!!

Here is a link about what I was talking about with the immune system, its in the last two paragraphs.

And heres one on some of the natural therapies recommended for autoimmune diseases.
Hope all this helps. :) Take care!!
Mrs. Bowman

Urailak said...

Glad to hear that your mom is okay. How did Ally's dr.'s appointment go? Is Ally feeling better? She's in our thoughts and prayers.

Christina, you won the "Thinking Blogger Award"! You are one of the 5 bloggers who made me think. For info. on what to do next, please visit my blog:

HsKubes said...

Mrs. C ~ We are really glad and thankful Mama didn't get seriously injured, too.

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you, again, for all of your insight. It really is appreciated. I know that they had tested her antibodies (I think) to rule out Lupus. In addition to her high T3 and low TSH, she had one antibody that was 'off' a little. I have not, yet, heard from the doctor regarding this. I had asked him if we should keep checking for Lupus because I know it can be very difficult to diagnose. I will be calling them tomorrow, trying to find some answers.
Thank you so much for all of your advice!

Urailak ~ Ally's appointment went pretty well. So far she is feeling a little better but nothing extreme. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, they are appreciated. Thank you, also, for the Thinking Blogger Award. I was surprised. I appreciate the kind words you said on your blog. Thank you so much. It was a blessing for me to read.

~ Christina


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