Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No Tag Zone...

With much contemplation,
I have decided to officially and kindly
declare and announce my blog
as a "No Tag Zone".
I have added this graphic in my sidebar.

I am praying this will be received
with a sweet spirit and respect
of our personal decision.

We very much appreciate your understanding. ;o)

"Let brotherly love continue." ~ Hebrews 13:1


Julie said...

I did this almost immediately upon starting to blog. My rationale was a little different. My teenage daughter much preferred tags to thinking of something to write. She participated in every tag that came along... and I was always selected as one of her tagees (if that can be a new word). I didn't know how to tell my daughter she couldn't tag me, but everyone else could.

Your button on your side bar announcing your decision is much nicer than the one I have on HSB!


TattingChic said...

Do you share you're no tag zone button with others? I have a friend who keeps getting tagged and she hates it and it makes her uncomfortable. I would like to send this to her.

~*Laura*~ said...

What is a tag?


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