Thursday, May 24, 2007

Show and Tell Friday: A Childhood 'Friend' Returns...

This is my first time to participate
Kelli's Show and Tell Friday.
I've enjoyed seeing others'
show and tells the past few weeks or so
and thought I would join in.
Something I would like to share
that is, particularly, special to me
is pictured below.

He may look like an average,
not-too-difficult to find Pillsbury Doughboy
but there is more sentimental worth
hidden in him than his pudgy, appearance can tell...

To know why he is so special to me
you must follow me back to my childhood...

When I was just a wee one, around the age of 4,
I owned a little, vinyl Pillsbury Doughboy
that my mama had given to me.
She had mail ordered him
by saving the proofs-of-purchases.
An inexpensive little fellow,
but I was glad to have him.
I'm not sure how long I had owned him
but I do remember the fact.

That year, we had to make a move out of state
and my mama donated a large amount
of miscellaneous items to minimize our packing.
Among those items, was my doughboy.
I remember, as a child, being sad at the loss of my toy.

After the move, I recall seeing commercials
of my long, missed doughboy.
The ones where they would push his tummy
and he would giggle.
I would say to my mama,
"Remember my toy doughboy?"
I sure missed him...
I know, a petty thing,
but as a child it had seemed worth missing.
As I got older, I would still think fondly
of that silly, ol' doughboy I once had...
especially each time his commercial had played.

Fast forwarding to years later...
My mama was there when our eldest came into the world.
As I was experiencing contractions and such,
my mama pulled out a little gift for me.
It was wrapped in shiny gift wrap and a bow.
I opened it up to find a cute, little doughboy
just like the one I had when I was little.
My mama and I shared a laugh and a cry
over such a silly thing.

And as I looked through the gleeful tears,
I started examining this little fellow.
Such a familiar face.
Then I saw a very familiar mark.
It was just like the mark I had
on my doughboy when I was a little girl...

It was a faint, orange-ish circle
on the back of his neck.
How interesting to see that same circle
on another doughboy!

Then I continued examining him.
I lifted his head up, where I could see
underneath his neck
and I saw something quite surprising...
Inside was smudged writing
that said, "Christina, Love Mom"!

You may not be able to see it in this photo,
it has smudged more since this happened.
But we couldn't believe it!
It was the exact, same doughboy
from when I was a little girl!
After all of those years,
it had been found!
And my mama wasn't even looking for it.
She had seen it at an antique store
and thought she was just buying one
that looked like the one I had owned.

My mama and I will always remember this story
and we, still, to this day laugh over it.
It's a story that I will share with my children,
and, perhaps, their children, too.
He may be just a silly, little toy
but he's sentimental in worth to me.


Lady_MSnow said...

Oh wow! That is absolutely amazing. I remember one of my teachers in High School having a dough was the "hall pass" =)

Penless Thoughts said...

OHHHHHHH that is too too sweet and special!!!!

Kim said...

I remember having one of these as a child. I loved that little guy. I wonder whatever happened to him?

Tracy said...

Isn't it wonderful how God knows the tiniest desires of our hearts and works to make them happen? This was a WONDERFUL first show and tell!

charish said...

What a cool story. I wish I could find my bessy(pink elephant)

LBP said...

I have a doughboy like yours too! And Poppin Fresh the little dough girl too. But mine does not have the amazing story attached to them as yours does. I'm so glad you got "your" friend back!

Trella said...

That is just the sweetest story, and has me crying.

I always wanted a dough boy like that.

Trudi M said...

Very touching and a nice story. May you always treasure him.

Kelli said...

That is SO amazing! This is such a special treasure and I love when your mom chose to surprise you with him. I would have loved to see the look on her face when she found it in the store!
What a sweet Show and Tell!

Tina said...

Wow Christina, what a NEAT story! I just LOVE stories that show how God cares about those things that seem small to us, but He even cares about those things! I so enjoyed reading that.

Jodi said...

Christina ~ what a wonderful story!! It's amazing how God guides our steps even in the little things. Your little Poppin' Fresh is a treasure to be sure! :o)

Sandra said...

Wow what a sweet story attached to the Pillsbury Doughboy, thank you so much for sharing :)

Cheryl said...

Ok...tears in eyes.... sweet story~

Sharon said...

What a wonderful story! It's amazing to see what God works in our lives.

Barbara H. said...

That is just amazing to have found the very same toy that you had!! What a sweet, wonderful story.

"Early Bird" said...

Today was my first S&T too!
I enjoyed reading yours!

Anonymous said...

OH BOY,(pillsbury doughboy OH)I was so thrilled when I came across
Doughboy,and the antique dealer wanted soo much and I didn't buy it.
But a week or two later and another 60 miles I had to get it for the bith of your 1st.It is a great story,and something to hand down for generations
Love you(HEE HEE)MOM

PEA said...

Well it's obvious that this little doughboy was meant to always be with you:-) I had received a doughboy (the one made of material though)when I was 12 years old and I still have it to this day!! xo

HsKubes said...

MOM ~ I sure am glad you found him! It was such a sweet gift and a precious moment! I LOVE YOU, MOMMY! All of your grandchildren will know this story. ;o)

Love and miss you!

Ron and Ginny said...

Wow. That is amazing. I understand silly little sentimental things. We all get sentimental over silly little things, which really aren't so silly after all. :-)

MrsMelody said...

What a sweet thing for you Mom to do for you. Glad you are reunited with doughboy. :)


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