Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A New Hair Look and a New Blog Cut...

Okay, I guess that should be the other way around...
A new hair cut and a new blog look.
Not for me, though... for Ally.

Ally asked me to thin her hair today.
It has gotten pretty long over the years
and is quite thick, becoming very heavy.
So we took some time today to thin it a bit...

Notice this bottom left corner??
That's all of the hair I had already taken off!
She had such thick hair.

Here is what was deposited on my kitchen floor...

Well, it looks smaller in the photos
but there was lots of hair...

The only length we took off was

about a quarter inch to even out the bottom.
She said her head felt much lighter!

We spent a little time today taking Gramma shopping
and we took her out to eat one more time
before she leaves to head back home.
We had a nice time.

This evening, Ally and I worked on her new blog.
I was blessed by her new post
even though she had already told me about it
after we had left the store today.
Either way it was a blessing to read it
and it was a tremendous blessing to see her in action
as I caught a glimpse of her at the store.

The Lord sure has a way of using our children
to convict and encourage this mama.

"...and a little child shall lead them."
~ Isaiah 11:6


Anonymous said...

Christina and Ally. I just wanted to mention something to you. I am a huge health show person. I love this show on Discovery Health called Mystery Diagnosis. Anyway, I saw something on there tonight and just wanted to drop it on here for you to check out, I dont want to freak you out, I just wanted to mention it. Its called Chiari One Malformation. Pronounced KEY AR E. The girl with this problem was having sever weakness all over and tingling in her hands and feet. Also since you had mentioned something about Ally having problems with her, has she been tested for Lymes Disease? I also wanted to mention, when you are hyperthyroid, you do become very weak because your metabolism is so cranked and operating at such a high setting that your body starts to use your muscle for fuel. I have lost so much muscle mass since being diagnosed. It is VERY IMPORTANT that Ally keep herself fueled, eat whenever you feel hungry or weak because when I was really hyper I felt so weak and tired but after I would eat oh I felt soooo much better!!! Make sure your sleeping enough and try and take it easy. And avoid stress, stress causes the thyroid to flare up so its kind of a trigger to set you back on the hyperthyroid roller coaster. I'm sorry your Mom has to leave. Sounds like it was real blessing to have her there with you. I hope your feeling much better today Ally!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Shereen said...

Okay, I'm stumped. What do you mean you thinned it out? Do you mean you cut it in layers? Because like you said, you only took off a short amount, and her hair still looks nice and long. It came out so good. It looks like she had so much hair in her hands. lol ;0)

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you, again, sharing your advice and information. We appreciate it. She hasn't been tested for Lyme's, that I know of. I will mention it to the doctor.
It was a real blessing having my mama here, but I know she needed to get back home. We sure enjoyed her while it lasted. *Ü*

Shereen ~ I used thinning shears for her cut. She did have bunches of hair in her hand. We were amazed. I'll try to share a photo of the shears so you can see what I used.

~ Christina


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