Monday, May 7, 2007

Monday's Musings: Lots 'O Strawberries...

Today we went on our homeschool group field trip
to a local strawberry farm.
We had a wonderful time...

We started off the trip by taking a tour of the farm
while riding in the trailer pulled by the tractor.
The children really enjoyed the ride...

The farmer explained how a frost last month
had killed many of his crops
and showed us what some of them looked like.
We also saw a few roosters, hens, and wild turkeys
on the tractor ride.
He stopped in a portion of the woods
to talk to the children about some of the wildlife
and also showed them what poison ivy looked like.
Then we arrived at our destination,
on the other side of the farm,
to start picking the strawberries.
The children couldn't wait to get started...

Carolynne loved to pick them
then go sit down and eat them.

Beth liked to eat them while she was picking
and she was always seen
with a strawberry in her mouth!

Ally enjoyed seeking out the biggest, juiciest ones
and enjoyed sampling plenty of them, as well.

Will mostly enjoyed picking them
but was willing to eat, at least, one.

The younger ones were eager to show off
the fruit of their labors...

Here were the plants...

Beautiful and delicious!

We were, also, able to see a couple of piglets...

It brought back fond memories of my childhood,
when we had to tackle the piglets that got loose.
Wow... those were the days!

Also, at the farm, they had some honeycomb displayed.
We enjoyed looking at it so closely...

Later in the afternoon,
we went to a friend's house
to use up some of the strawberries we picked.
I put some in the fridge
and still had quite a few left...

With those strawberries,
we made strawberry jam...

It was a lot of fun!

As the mamas were working in the kitchen,
the children serenaded us with songs at the piano...

How delightful it was to hear all of them singing!

For supper, we all headed out to a local pizza place...
Very yummy variety of pizza and delicious cinnamon rolls!
We've had a blustery day
with all of the wind,
but it sure has been a beautiful day!
Hope y'all enjoyed yours!


Anonymous said...

I didn't think about making jam. Good idea. ~Christena

Military Mommy said...

What a fun day you had! :) The jam looks delicious and so do those juicy strawberries. I love strawberry season.

Your kids are adorable. Looks like they had the perfect day. :)

Love, michelle

Karen said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful, yet blustery, day! I love making strawberry jam, and I would be so proud of those jars, that they would have to spend some time on the counter for me to admire! LOL!
You deserved pizza after all that work!

Mrs. C said...

We were looking forward to going blueberry picking soon, but the cold weather zapped the berries. :(

We LOVE strawberry jam!

HsKubes said...

Christena ~ It wasn't difficult at all. We had so many strawberries. I'm curious what y'all are planning on doing with all of yours. Feasting for the week, huh? I had fun.

Michelle ~ It was a fun day and we love strawberry season, too! We love to be outdoors... especially when we can eat strawberries!

Karen ~ It was wonderful... and quite blustery. This was our first time making jam and we loved it. And I did admire the jars. LOL I thought they looked so cute (and yummy).

Mrs. C ~ Aww... sorry to hear that. That was one of the crops that the farmer had lost. He said that all of his blueberries were gone and that they would miss out on thousands of dollars this year. So sad.
Maybe you can find a strawberry farm near you. *Ü*

~ Christina


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