Friday, May 25, 2007

Last Day of Contest...

Today is the last day of our 100th post contest.
You can click on the above graphic to join in.
The contest will end at midnight tonight
and we will announce the winner tomorrow morn.

Today we are going for a follow-up appointment
with the holistic practioner for Ally
and then we have our sourdough pizza night
with some friends,
so I will be scarce in bloggie world today.

Hope y'all enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are going to a holistic practicioner. I've been struggling with adrenal fatigue for years and her symptoms sound very similar, especially the fact that this has happened before and with it coinciding with a stressful time in her journey. I've tried to hold my tongue so as not to give unwanted advice. I've been praying that God will lead you to the answers you are seeking. My condition was diagnosed with a simple saliva cortisol test. Samples were taken periodically throughout the day to get a picture of it's normal rhythms. It turned out that I had very little cortisol. It is usually caused by fatigue of the adrenal glands after overexertion from stress. The condition is often not recognized by mainstream physicians. There are a few books on the topic which you can find by putting "adrenal fatigue", "adrenal exhaustion", "adrenal syndrome" into search engines. Decades ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, but now I'm convinced that the adrenals are the root cause. It is successfully treatable. My prayers are with you.
Love in Christ,

Happymama said...

Hey, I posted a link to your blog for your contest. :)

What exactly IS a holistic practioner? I think I know, but not sure. LOL


HsKubes said...

Marlena ~ Thank you for sharing your advice. It is always welcomed. Though we are treating her with the hyperthyroid medication for now, we are glad we are seeking advice/treatment from the holistic practitioner. And we are praising the Lord that He has been answering prayer! Thank you, by the way, for all of your prayers. They are such a blessing to us!

HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ I responded to you on your blog. ;o)


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