Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend's Ways...

Saturday, we had our Hot Dog Banquet at church.
It was a lovely time of food, fun, and fellowship.
We started inside, singing songs

while Pastor played his guitar..
Then we played a couple of games outdoors...
One game was a modified bowling game
where we used a large ball
to roll down the sidewalk into half filled 2 liter bottles
that were posing as bowling pins.
Then we played a game of speed golf
where each team raced to get the golf ball
through the 'golf course' while alternating players.
It was a lot of fun
AND the children got to bring home

the golf set afterwards!
They were very excited about that.

We, then, had food and fellowship
and headed back into the church
where we played a game of Do or Dare.
Some of the tasks included
answering Bible questions,
reading a poem backwards,
naming everyone in the room,
blowing up a balloon until it popped, etc...
It was a lot of fun.

Then we had a mini-message
about how our bodies are
the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Church fellowships are always a blessing.

Ally has been feeling well enough to
play the piano while I sang Sunday morning
and in the evening service,
she was able to sing a duet
with our assistant pastor's wife.

There is a special blessing
in seeing your child
sing their heart out to the Lord.

The sermons were were such a blessing, too.

In Sunday School, we continued our study in James.
We focused on verses 22-25...
How often are we hearers of the Word and not doers?
It's so easy to get 'caught up' in busyness, etc...
that many times we do not make obeying His Word
our priority.
Many times we may read it, say, "Wow, that was good!",
and then continue on as we always have,
not allowing the Word of God to change us.
We also discussed how the Word of God
is likened to glass (a looking glass),
where we should look into It, examing ourselves.

In the morning service,
Pastor was in 1 Corinthians 1:36,
expounding on what Christ is to us...
"wisdom... righteousness... sanctification... redemption..."
It was a blessing to hear.

In the evening service,
our assistant pastor brought the message.
He was in Jeremiah 7 and spoke about
doing our all for the Lord...
how there is no 'standstill' in the Christian life,
we are either moving backwards or moving forward.
He also talked about how God's commands
are for our own benefit and how
the blessing of God is in obedience to God.

It was a great blessing to have my soul fed
by the Word of God!


Karen said...

I love being at church all day on Sundays! I come away feeling so full, and looking forward to the week ahead.
How wonderful that Ally's feeling well enough to play and sing again. That's a tremendous blessing!
We are currently in the study of Romans on Sunday nights, and I just love it. I don't know how anyone can come away from reading Romans and not be convicted. Ya know?! But, I think the problem lies with NOT reading the Bible. Sorry, I didn't mean to leave a long comment, just sharing our love of God and His word.

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ I love being in God's house on Sundays, too (and Wednesdays). It's such a joy to hear God's Word and to fellowship with other believers.
It has been a wonderful blessing that Ally is feeling better. The Lord has answered many prayers!
We have been doing a study in Romans on Wednesday evenings. What precious Truths He has for us in His Word!

~ Christina

Military Mommy said...

That sounds like a really fun day at church. I am so glad you are refreshed. What a blessed way to start your week. :)

love, Michelle

Pam said...

Somehow I never associated the words Hot Dogs with Banquet! Cute idea! and the games sounded so fun!

I enjoyed reading about your Lord's day! It is truly evident He and the church are so important to your life. God bless!

HsKubes said...

Michelle ~ It surely is a blessed way to start your week. *Ü*

Pam ~ lol... I had never associated hot dog with banquet either. It was our pastor's idea. He's a country boy so hot dog and banquet went well together.
Thank you for your comment. The Lord IS very important in my life and am blessed that others may know.

Enjoy your week ~


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