Friday, April 13, 2007

What Remains...

"Education is what remains
when we have forgotten all
that we have been taught."
~ Marquis of Halifax

How true this is...

it reminded me of my own experience
growing up in institutionalized schools.
I spent almost all of my youth in public school

(even some time in Christian school),
being 'taught' many things for many years.
And I am constantly reminded of

how little I still recall.
Very little remains

of what I was taught.
I spent all of those years reading,

memorizing, researching, and working,
aiming to complete assignments
to procede to the next grade.
Yet, I hardly took any real knowledge with me

that didn't soon fade.

Now many years out of school
and spending eight years

of home educating my children,
I've come to the conclusion

that the majority of my years
in institutionalized schools
were spent in educational vain.
I have learned so much more

through home educating my children
in one year
than I did in all my years
of institutionalized schooling...
My education was at a minimum

from institutionalized schooling...
most of what I did retain,

I taught myself
(either afterschool, weekends,
vactions, summer breaks, etc...)
I have spoken with many other people
that hardly remember much at all

from their public school education....
It appears that, in many cases,
public school education is found an oxymoron.
The two hardly coinside...

at least, that is in my case
(and many others I know of).

I praise the Lord that I have
so many teachable moments

as we home educate.
Home educate...

not home school....
I am educating my children for life...
not simply to pass on to the next 'grade'.
But to nurture in them

a love for learning and self-education.
I praise Him that we have

the freedom to step up
to our God-given responsibility,

to train and bring up our children at home.
My prayer is that I will do

all He has enabled me to do.

I just wanted to share

the definition of education
from Noah Webster's

1828 American Dictionary
of the English Language:

~ Education ~
"The bringing up, as of a child;

instruction; formation of manners.
Education comprehends all that series

of instruction and discipline
which is intended to

enlighten the understanding,
correct the temper,
and form the manners

and habits of youth,
and fit them for usefulness

in their future stations.
To give children a good education

in manners, arts and science,
is important;
to give them a religious education

is indispensable;
and an immense responsibility rests
on parents and guardians

who neglect these duties."

Wow, I think that's a pretty sober and charging definition.


Mrs. C said...

Wow, that really puts things in perspective, doesn't it?

At this point in my children's young lives they are learning so much more about life in general than I did at their ages.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you said about learning more while homeschooling than you ever did in school. I had just thought my problem was that we moved around all the time. So I feel better that it was not just me.
I really enjoy reading your blog. And I pray for your family often.
God bless,

Lisa in Texas = )


I was very blessed. I went to public school in a very small town where everyone knew everyone else. Most all my teachers were men and ladies that I attended church with. I was taught a lot and learned a lot. I have to be honest. When I started to home educate our daughter, I was truly amazed at what I still remembered. I thank God for the school that I attended and the love they had for us kids and their desire to see us really learn not only what was in the book but also the Book of Books. They taught by their example as well as from the written page.It is too bad that children that have to go to public school are neither taught at home or at public school. I know there are exceptions to that rule and for that I am very glad. That is my testimony about what I learned. connie from Texas

HsKubes said...

Mrs. C ~ It sure does kinda put it in perspective. My children, too, are learning so much more than I did at their age and many things that I never did learn. I love homeschooling!

Lisa ~ It definately wasn't just you. As I mentioned, I know many people that can relate to this. What a thrill it is for me to homeschool... I love learning right along with them! Thank you for your kind comment and for your prayers. They are appreciated so much.

Connie ~ Yes, you were blessed. That's great. Thank you for sharing.

Have a blessed week ~


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