Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday's Tidbits...

We were able to enjoy resting in a little bit this morning.
I was, later, able to tackle doing a load of laundry
(only one today! I have catching up to do),
clean up a little bit, do the budget and pay the bills,
and did a little shopping with my mama.
Beth and Carolynne came along with us.
Ally's feet were bothering her so she asked
to stay home and work on her new cross-stitch project.
Will stayed, too, to help look after her, keep her company,
and do a little bit of reading.

I was able to pick up some planting boxes, seeds, soil, etc...
so I can plant a few things that I've hoped to.
I normally have a 'brown thumb',
causing plants I touch to die,
but I thought I would give it another try.
We're trying cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers,
green beans, lettuce, and some miscellaneous flowers.
Since we live in base housing,
we aren't really supposed to dig up the ground
so I opted to plant in boxes.
I wasn't able to get the actual planting started today,
but hope to sometime this week.
The children are very excited.
I don't know if anything will grow,
but they'll at least have fun playing in the dirt
and talking about the possibility of plant growth.

I was also able to pick up a frame for my beloved.
He requested that I send him a photo in a frame
so he can set it on his desk at work.
I hope to work on it this evening and share it tomorrow.
Also, tomorrow, I get to do our bi-weekly grocery shopping
at the commisary, so I get to make my list
from my menu this evening.
We'll do the grocery shopping while
my mama is at dialysis tomorrow,
that way she doesn't have to do all that walking around.

I hope y'all enjoyed your day, too!


Janie said...

Does your Mama live with you guys? I am new here so don't know all your details! Have a good day today!

HsKubes said...

Janie ~ My mom is staying with us until the beginning of next month. She just came for an extended visit, which has been very nice!

~ Christina


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