Sunday, April 1, 2007

Serenade on Video...

When your child has been too weak
to play much piano
but she has a good day
and decides to play around with a few pieces,
what's a mama to do??

Record it (without her knowing, of course)!

Prelude No.1 ~ J.S. Bach

If you can't hear it over my blog's background music,
here is a link to view it in another page:
Ally Plays Bach



Thanks for sharing that.she did very good. I know you are proud of her. connie from texas

Pam said...

Precious! I know as a mother, that this was just one of those moments you had to capture. She did a great job by the way. What did she say when she found out she had been spied on? LOL

Brenda said...

Hi Christina,
This is so precious. I'm so glad that you captured her playing the piano on a good day. :) And, thank you for sharing it.

HsKubes said...

Connie ~ Thank you. I am very proud of her. I love listening to her play!

Pam ~ Yes, it was one of those moments I had to capture. When she finished, she turned around and saw me standing there recording her. She just gave me one of those, "Mom, that's sweet but I'm not surprised" looks. She didn't mind, at all.

Brenda ~ I'm so glad I caught her on a good day, too!

~ Christina


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