Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday's Things... Snakes, Stars, Crawling Through Intestines and More...

Today we went on a field trip
with our homeschool group.
We went to a nature center/
planetarium/science museum.
We had lots of fun
and the area was very pretty...

The children loved exploring the nature center first.
I couldn't catch a good picture of Will and Ally
because they were off exploring,
but I was able to capture a couple

of the lil' girls' favorites.

My children are very much UNlike me
when it comes to s...n...a...k...e...s...
They don't mind them, in fact, they like them very much
and enjoy 'having fun' with mom about them.
Well, the first thing they wanted to see
were those sneaky, scaly, slithery, creatures.
Here was Beth peeking in on one...


Carolynne, in addition to the live animals,
much enjoyed the dead ones...

The nature center also had a "cave"
where the children could explore more animals.
Beth and Carolynne loved watching the turtles...

Ally enjoyed 'playing' with a fish
that she claimed was a 'cutie'...

After leaving the nature center part of the field trip,
we went to another building for a craft.
The children made a paper plate-type craft
of the life cycle of butterflies...
using pasta to represent the different stages.
They had fun...

After the craft, we headed to
the planetarium/science museum part.
But, first, some of the children had to stop
to try out being a human sun dial...

This was the first time that any of us had been
to a planetarium show...

It was a lot of fun
and quite fascinating!

After the planetarium,
we enjoyed the hands-on part
of the science museum.

Will enjoyed crawling through a heart tunnel...

He also enjoyed crawling through a mouth and intestines...

The lil' girls enjoyed this part, too,
but I couldn't get a good enough picture of them.

Ally was thrilled to examine x-rays and MRIs, first-hand...

She also enjoyed the giant game of Operation...

And so did Beth and Carolynne...

Here were a couple of shots
of the children outside...

We had a great time of learning, fun, and fellowship!
And it only cost a dollar per child
(and the gas to get there)!
It sure was a busy,
but highly enjoyable day!

I hope y'all enjoyed your day, too!



I will certainly have to go with you on this one. I hate snakes. On occasion living on the coast, after a hurricane, we have had them come into our house. I have begged my husband to give them the house. lol but he wouldn't agree. Time passes and I finally forget but they are bad, bad. I loved the pictures. I am sure your chilren will always remember the field trip. connie from Texas

Mrs. C said...

I'm a big fan of inexpensive learning trips. They will be the ones that our children remember most. Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! Thank you for sharing the great pictures.

HsKubes said...

Connie ~ I hate snakes, too... LOTS of bad childhood experiences... ugh! I can't imagine them being in my house!! I would have been with you... just let the snakes have it and move on. lol
We did have a great time, though, and I know the children will always remember it.

Mrs. C ~ I love inexpensive field trips, too! We were thrilled to have found this place. We did have a great time.

Enjoy y'all's day!
~ Christina

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun. I think we live in the same state, so I wanted to find out where exactly this is located...would love to take DD there sometime. When you have a minute, can you visit my blog and email me?

aka eyecorn

HsKubes said...

Hi Lisa ~ This was our first time to visit one. I was quite surprised (and pleased) when the lady made mention how God created it all. What a blessing that was! So we didn't get any of the folklore. Praise the Lord!

Michelle ~ It's worth the drive. I sent you the info. ;o)

~ Christina


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