Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday's Things...

Today our weather cooled a bit,
but it was still a very beautiful day.
Ally has been working on
a cross-stitching project this week
and it is coming along very nicely.
She wants to do a bird/God's creation theme
for the decor in her bedroom
(especially since I made her those curtains).
Her cross-stitch project is called "Mad Blue Bird".
It's a cute, chubby, little blue bird
with a little bit of a frowning expression.
I'm sure she can't wait to share the finished project,
but I did catch her working on it...

She is really enjoying this kind of handiwork.

The younger ones, at lunch time,
decided to have a tea party together...

I got to talk with
my beloved on the phone today...
That was a real joy,
even though most of our conversation
involved 'technical' stuff.
It was still wonderful to hear his voice!

Also, today, I spent lots of time in our garage,
which has been a disaster since we've moved here.
I was able to go through two boxes of books
(which I found my other set of encyclopedias
and an entire series of American History books...
Will was thrilled about that, too!).
I was also able to load up the van
with five good-size boxes
and many bags of donate stuff.
Will and I dropped it off later this afternoon.
I'm sure it will take a few good days
to get it somewhat decent.
I also hope to organize, eventually,
my beloved's side of the garage.

And, apparently, that wasn't enough
physical exhaustion for me today,
because this evening, before bedtime,
I was jumping on the trampoline
with the children.
Lots of fun! But sure a lot of work!

I hope y'all enjoyed your day!


Anonymous said...

What a nice tea party, wish I was there!

Your day sounds productive and fun. What a good feeling to dejunk and to find long lost treasure too!

I can't wait to see Ally's newest project.

Done any sewing lately? I am in the mood!

Love the Lord, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Its so cute that the younger ones are having a tea party!!!! Hope your having a great day!!!!
Mrs. Bowman

Pam said...

Loved the tea party photos! What sweeties! Boy can I relate with the organizing of the garage! We moved into our home over a year ago now, and still have books of encyclopedias and other gems in boxes. I must get to them. I loved the box on your side bar that announced you prayed for your beloved today. Thank God for men who keep us safe.

Janie said...

Loved the photos! Also, I am so glad that you got to talk to your husband today!

HsKubes said...

Lisa ~ Wish you could be here, too. We miss having y'all so close. I haven't done any sewing lately. I sure hope to soon!

Mrs. Bowman ~ I thought it was too cute, too. I love the one of them praying. Moments like those are always great to capture.

Pam ~ Thank you. Every time we make a move, I tend to leave stuff in boxes. It's always a nice surprise to come across something I hadn't seen in years.
I have enjoyed praying for my beloved specifically this year... especially while he is away.

Janie ~ Thank you, too. I was thrilled to speak with my beloved, too! Those are always great days!

~ Christina

Happymama said...

LOL, jumping on the trampoline, huh? I've done that a couple of times with my kids. Bruce has too. He can still turn flips. Me? I just bounce. :)


HsKubes said...

Kristi ~ I actually enjoy jumping on the trampoline very much. My legs feel like jello when I'm finished, but I still like jumping. My husband still tries to do flips, too. I can't do a flip at all... never could. But jumping is fun just the same.

~ Christina


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