Monday, April 9, 2007

The Thinking Blogger Award...

I was quite surprise yesterday
Connie tagged me with this.
I sure appreciate her kind words
and her thoughts towards me.
They were a blessing to hear.
Thank you,

I started blogging in December 2005,
mostly keep in touch with family
as we make military moves.
It soon became a therapeutical place
where I could share not only
events in our daily lives,
but also the wonderful joys
of being a wife, mother,
and a born-again believer in Christ.
A place I could share what
the children have been learning
in our journey of home/life education
and what I have been learning
as the Lord continues to faithfully grow me.

It soon turned into a place
that I was able to meet
many like-minded ladies
and was a wonderful place
of fellowship and encouragement.
I have enjoying 'meeting' and 'getting to know'
the many ladies that I have
and look forward to continuing
nurturing those friendships
as we fellowship, encourage,
and pray for one another.


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