Monday, April 2, 2007

Monday's Medical Musings...

Phew! What a long day we had!
Ally and I left around 9am
to travel to the university hospital.
We enjoyed the alone time we had together.
We were able to talk, laugh, sing,
and listen to some very enjoyable classical music.
My beloved tried to call
but was unable to get through on my cell phone.
He was, however, somehow able
to leave a voice message for Ally and I.
That was a real blessing to hear!

When we arrived at the hospital (3 hours later),
we discovered that there was a miscommunication, again...
But they were great and were able to work it out for us.
She saw the pediatric neurologist,
who ordered lots more labs.
Then we saw the endocrinologist,
who has said she believes
Ally does, indeed, have hyperthyroidism
and was eager to treat it with a prescription.
It is the same medication (they said) that is used
to treat Graves Disease, but said that
Ally does not have this particular disease.
The doctor didn't seem too thrilled
when I told her we would, first,
be looking into natural ways of treating this.
They, also, ordered more labs.
Then we went to get her EEG done
and then down to get all of that blood drawn (6 viles).
We were at the hospital a total of about 5 hours,
then headed back towards home
(after stopping in for a little supper).
We didn't arrive home until 10pm.
The younger ones (and my mom)
were already in bed sleeping.
I'm sure they had a long day, too.

We look forward to getting more results back soon.
And will, also, be returning for some nerve testing.
Thank you all, so much, for your prayers.


Karen said...

I'm sure you both are VERY tired. It's a hard thing to wait around a hospital. I have been dealing with HYPOthyroidism since Dec. '05. I can relate to the tiredness, and all my levels were thrown off from my thyroid, so they sent me for testing on several internal organs. It just turned out to be from my thyroid, and all that to say, I pray that's all it is for Ally, too.
I pray for a restful night for both of you.

Melody said...

I hope you and Ally got a good night's sleep. Are the labs that she had done to confirm the hyperthyroidism - or to check something else? I hope that she gets a clear diagnosis soon!

It's good to hear an update.

Anonymous said...

Its great and a real blessing that they worked with you!! I'm glad that you got some answers and hopefully soon, you will get some more!! I'm so sorry for Ally's poor arms, she must be tired of getting poked :(!
I do have one question for you though, did the Endo run a test for TSI? its called Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin. Only people WITH Graves Disease, have this antibody. Not to be distrustful of your Endocrinologist, just from experience I have learned to double check the doctors because even they make mistakes. And They really dont like it when you want to pursue non pharmecuetical healing. I hope you get lots of Answers soon. Again if you or Ally ever just wanna talk or whatever, I would love to hear from you, my email is Also, I have lots of doctors too, I think the count is now up to 4, but one of them is my regular Nurse Practitioner, but I am also seeing an Endocrinologist and a Nuerologist. I understand about lots of labs and tests. But hopefully soon, you will have all the answers!!! But in Ally's favor, the thyroid can really mess you up when its off. So as soon as you can get something in her poor body to help her, please do! Also I hope the Endocrinologsit told you what kind of foods she should stay away from. Definite no no's are Coffee or anything with caffeine, this includes soda and tea. NO IODINE!!! that means regular table salt, you should switch to non iodine natural sea salt. Also if you take daily vitamins, give the lable a once over. NO KELP or SEAFOOD, both contain large amounts of iodine. And another really big one is MSG, monosodium glumate. A lot of companys are also masking it as autolyzed yeast extract or yeast extract so carefully read your packaged items. Mostly read your soup cans, almost every soup in the store, including campbells is loaded with it. Some of the places that I have resarched also recommend a decreased sugar and dairy intake. I however have not been able to do this. I did go dairy free I think for at least 6 weeks but it didnt seem to help. And lets face it, soy yogurt and soy milk, just arent the same. But the cookies and cream soy ice cream is soooooo gooood!!!:)
Chocolate is a big one for me, I cant have any or I feel REALLY BAD! Its hard to completely adjust your diet but in the long run, its worth it to feel better. Funny thing, after discussing with my neice a few of the things I cant eat, she looked at me and said, "I would die if I was you, you cant eat anything!"
I told her that eating those things was not worth feeling bad. I hope this all helps. I feel like after I post I must sound like a big know- it -all, I just want you to know what it took me a while to learn. If that can help you and Ally even a little than all this typing it worth it :)!!
I hope you have a great day and if there is anything else I can do for you, just let me know!!!! Tell Miss Ally I said feel better soon!!!!!! :)
Mrs. Bowman

Brenda said...

Loving Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your faithful presence w/ Ally and Christina. Thank You for blessing them in their day together and for all going so well for Ally at the doctor's. Lord, thank You that You are our Healer. Please, touch upon Ally's body and bring Your complete healing to her even this very day. Until You move, please, grant Your wisdom and strength and renewal in caring for her to Christina. And, continue to comfort and strengthen Ally day by day. Thank You for Your amazing love and tender loving care. In Jesus' precious name, Amen

Janie said...

I am glad you had a safe trip there and back...sorry that it sounds like you have to do it all yourself. I haven't been at your blog but one other time, so there is alot I don't know, but it sounds like your husband is deployed? We just got done with my husband being on a 15 month long deployment, so I know how lonely it can be to navigate medical stuff and have to do it all alone...I am so sorry and will do my best to remember to pray for you. Will they call you with test results or do they wait until you go there again? God Bless!

Mrs. C said...

Praise the Lord for safe travels and perhaps more of a diagnosis.

I think that you are one smart momma to be checking into natural alternatives. With Ally being so young, this seems even more important.

Praying for the Lord to give you continued wisdom.

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ Thank you for sharing and thank you for your prayers. It was nice to get a good night's sleep.

Melody ~ The labs are to confirm the hyperthyroidism AND to check for other things, as well. We hope to hear from them soon.

Mrs. Bowman ~ Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and advice. They are very helpful and are greatly appreciated. I don't know that they did the TSI test. Is it bloodwork? They did say that she does NOT have Graves Disease, that the labs came back negative for that.
We are continuing to research what we need to do and your information is very helpful. Ally had to chuckle a little when you mentioned how someone said to you "I would die if I was you, you cant eat anything!" People have said that to Ally often. But it is a blessing to see how the Lord is using it in her life and to see how she is in acceptance of God's will and her self-sacrifice.
Thank you, again, for your help. It is a blessing.

Brenda ~ Thank you for your specific prayer. It was such a blessing!

Janie ~ Yes, my beloved is deployed. Thank you for your sympathetic encouragement and your prayers. They are appreciated.
I think they will be calling us with lab results. But if I don't hear from them by the end of the week, then I will call.

Mrs. C ~ Yes, praise the Lord! And thank you for your encouragement. It is helpful that Ally is very eager to treat this naturally, too. What a blessing that is! Thank you for your continued prayers. They are precious to us.

~ Christina

The Cheerio Queen said...

oh my sounds like you had a busy Monday...if you check out my blog I also had a visit with my son and the neurologist on Tuesday. It was quite the week for both of us. :) I absolutely love your blog and read it often. You have a beautiful family and I will pray that Ally is ok and that your husband returns safe from his mission. Tell him thanks for proteting us! We are blessed to have our servicemen!



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