Monday, April 9, 2007

Technology a Blessing??

It is when your deployed beloved
is able to email a video message
to his wife and children...

What a blessing that was

for the children and I to watch!

(sorry... I'm only sharing a shot of the video,
not the video itself.)

"The LORD watch between me and thee,
when we are absent one from another. "
~ Genesis 31:49


Karen said...

Congratulations!!! I'm sure it's a joy to be able to see and hear your husband. I am continuing to pray for you all, and for Ally's health issues. Hope the deployment is nearing an end for you all.

jdoriot said...

Awww...I'm so glad you got an e-mail video from your sweetie!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO cool that ya'll got a video message from your husband. I also wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our prayers.
God bless you, Lisa in Texas = )

Happymama said...

That's really sweet. And I just love that verse you used with this post.


Karen said...

Thank you Christina for your sweet comments on my award post. I didn't have a clue how many people felt the way I did, and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous putting that out there. But, I'm glad I did, as it helped others to feel it was ok not to accept. I'm still getting comments about it today.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally...........I figured out how to leave a comment!!!! (the anonymous above was me :) What a blessing for you all to see your husband and their Dad. When we had a video conference, as soon as it was done I cried all afternoon because (mixture of happiness at seeing and hearing him and totally missing him). I'm praying for you!!!! ~Twinkie


What a wonderful gift, being able to hear and see your husband as he talked to you. May God bless you all. connie from Texas


Hskubes, I left you a message under you Monday meal plans and I would appreciate you reading it please. It is my apology to you. Thanks agin, connie from Texas

madeleine said...

:::::rejoicing with you::::::YAY!!! I cannot imagine the great sacrifice you are making,as well as your dear husband. But thank you. And what a blessing technology can be! Okay, not always. lol. but it has it's great moments.

PS if you find a natural way to deal with the thyroid problem, let me know. As of now, I haven't been succesful. I talked to a nutritionist, the health food store owner, and finally my homeopathic doctor cousin. No help. But if you find something.....

Stay in His Grip!!~madeleine

Marci said...

Wow, what a blessing to receive. Technology sure pays off in this instance!!!

HsKubes said...

Karen ~ It IS a great joy to hear from/see him. It was a wonderful Resurrection Sunday surprise. Thank you, again, for your prayers. Our deployment is not near an end, yet, but the Lord is in control.

"Twinkie" ~ I'm so glad you got around to visiting me over here. LOL! Still waiting for you to post. hee hee. We were all glad to get that video from him. It was a great surprise. I can understand the mixed emotions, though. Thank you for praying.See you soon, friend.

Connie ~ Yes, it was a wonderful gift to see/hear him. The children were thrilled, too.

Madeleine ~ Thank you, it was a real blessing. I'm sorry you haven't been able to find any natural remedies. I will try to share what we're doing soon. It's mostly a B vitamin regimine and adding certain foods to her diet. I'll try to share a brief post soon.

Marci ~ It was a great blessing we were all able to share. Technology sure was helpful.

Enjoy your week, ladies ~

Janie said...

What wonderful technology! So happy for you!


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