Saturday, April 28, 2007

Seeing How Their Garden Grows...

When the children awoke this morning
they couldn't wait to slip outside
to see how their garden was growing.
They were excited to see green!

Will's green beans

Beth's cucumbers

Carolynne's lettuce

Mama's tomatoes

Even if we only get one vegetable to grow,
it will be worth it.
They are so delighted.

They also spotted something outside the door.
At first, it looked like a leaf
but when we got closer
we discovered it was a moth...

We hope to learn more about him later.

It's always precious to see
the children delighting in God's creation!


Anonymous said...

Yea!! I have also started seeds, but I usually start them in Peat Pots inside, and I get excited when they start to sprout too :)!!!! I hope all your veggi's do very well :)!
Mrs. Bowman

Happymama said...

Their plants look like they're really taking off. I know that's exciting for them.


Three Sisters Blog said...

The plants look great! I'm sure they're very excited!

Chyrll said...

The plants look like they are doing great! Thank you for visiting my blog.

HsKubes said...

Mrs. Bowman ~ It sure is exciting, huh? I hope yours do well, too. This is our first time trying this. We look forward to the fruit of our labor. ;o)

Kristi ~ They seem to be okay so far. yipee! The children (and I) are very excited.

Three Sisters ~ Thank you! The children look forward to checking on their plants every morning. It's a thrill to see them so excited. Thanks for visiting!

Chryll ~ Thank you. We look forward to watching them grow. I enjoyed visiting you and will return.

~ Christina


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