Friday, May 28, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 26... More Desert, Mexico, Exploring New Home Land...

We got up a little before 6am this morning,
eager to finish our journey.
We piled into Yuki and she wouldn't cooperate by starting,
so hubby gave her an attitude adjustment with a hammer
(Marine Corps style) and we were on our way a little after 7am.

When we stopped to fill up gas, we picked up a few hats
as a souvenir of our southwest visit. ;o)

As we traveled and went through the first checkpoint,

the officer asked if we had any fruits, which we didn't,
and, also, proceeded to tell us that he liked our hats. lol
The children, especially, found that comical!

We traveled passed much more desert sand dunes and mountains,
went through another checkpoint, and saw many
border patrol police and the Mexico border!

We went up and down mountains and valleys!
It was a real challenge for poor Yuki!
At some points, we were only average 25 miles per hour
as we went up some of those mountains!

As we reached the top of one mountain
and began our descent, we soon realized
that the beautiful view we saw was our new home!

Being geographically challenged,
I did not realize that our new home would include
mountains, valleys, city, and ocean!

It was a real joy to know that we will be able
to see these beautiful mountains for the next few years!

As we traveled to our campground,
we were intrigued to see the trolley tracks
in the middle of the city road!

We made it to our campground, set up camp,

then explored part of our vast home area.
We went downtown, to the island,
and to surrounding areas.

Even among the city, there was much beauty!

And the weather truly is gorgeous!

We enjoyed a delicious italian supper
at a local restaurant and then retired for the night.

We are thankful the LORD blessed us
and provided us safety during the 4,000+ miles we traveled.

It was quite an experience
and we are thankful for it
and for the precious memories we will have
in the many years to come!


Tori said...

Wow, you guys are having the trip of a lifetime. ENJOY!!

Kristy... said...

Looking forward to seeing your NEW home.. :)
Praise the Lord for safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry "our" trip is coming to an end......! You have described everything so well, it is almost like tagging along :o) Wishing you every happiness and many blessings in your new home, look forward to reading about getting settled. We are in the midst of moving too (not so far) very soon. blessings, Anne

Jodi said...

I've enjoyed following along as you've crossed the nation. What wonderful memories you've made as a family! I know you must still have many unknowns (and lots of work) ahead of you. Praying that you are able to get settled quickly and peacefully.


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