Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 25... Desert, Cactus, Oasis, and More!

We were up around 7am this morning
and started preparing for our departure of Flagstaff.
We groomed at the campground's restroom,

then took a quick trip to the playground,

and we were soon on the road, again.

As we drove through Arizona,
we saw miles more of desert like mountains.

A little before we reached Phoenix,
we began seeing LOTS of really tall cactus!

We were tickled to see so much of it.
And we just loved their "hair dos" of flowers on top!

It was very hot as we drove further south.
We passed through one place called Dateland
and stopped for supper. ;o)
Also, there was an oasis tucked in
the middle of the desert there!

It was amazing to see such greenery among all the brown!

As dusk began to approach,
the sky was full of beautiful oranges, reds, yellows...

And as the sun was setting,
we enjoyed the breathtaking sight
as it slowly said goodbye behind the mountains.

I had finally got to see first hand
the "purple mountains, majesty" sang about
in "America, the Beautiful".
And it was beautiful! Very!


One exciting thing we saw
was a border patrol officer.
It was the first time that we had seen one!


We drove through, what we call, the dirt hill mountains
and reached Yuma, where we stayed the night
at a very classy rv resort.
They had some amazing features there!
But they were empty because it was their off season.
We enjoyed having such a luxurious place to ourselves. :O)

We were, again, thankful for the Lord's blessings
and for so many new wonders that HE allowed us to see!

To see more pics, see our
Photo Journal: Arizona and Beyond

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