Monday, May 24, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 22

Monday, May 24...

We slept in until 8:30ish and lingered around
the campground at Fort Stockton until 11ish.
I tried to find the woman from last night but couldn't
so the lil' girls and I walked to the office, which was closed,
and prayerfully slipped a Gospel tract into the registration box.
As we were walking away, I saw a photo of her and her husband,
standing under signs that read,
"Nothing is impossible with God" and
"Where will you spend eternity?"
It was encouraging to see but I was sorry
that I didn't get a chance to speak to her.
I pray the LORD uses the tract.

While we were at the campsite, we saw
a tarantula-looking spider crawling outside!
It was large! Ugh!


We checked out and headed down the road
so Carolynne and Daddy could see a doctor.
Both are being treated for bronchitis.
While there, we watched an amazing storm wall
slowly pass us by. It was scary looking but beautiful.

We picked up their medication, ate lunch, got fuel,
and got on the road, happily leaving the storm clouds behind.


We got on the highway, continuing our journey westward.
The road was very long and desert-looking
and it was, oh, so hot, especially win no air on.
But the skies were an endless ocean of beautiful blue,
puffy white clouds, and silhouettes of mountains
lined the horizon through the fog of humidity.

We stopped along the long road help someone
but their help was already soon arriving.
Interestingly, the man was on his way to
the Grand Canyon (our next stop) to be a ranger.

We were soon back on the road, passing into New Mexico
and switching our clocks back an hour to mountain time.
We traveled through Roswell without any UFO sightings ; -)

The roads through New Mexico were long, too...
Long, empty highway roads with a desert view...
But I enjoyed the sights!

What I thought were hills were, I believe, the Guadalupe Mountains.
They are much different than the Smokey Mountains
that I've been accustomed to. They were beautiful.

There was some tension while traveling today.
I spent much time talking win the LORD,
trying to practice a meek and quiet spirit
and trying to remember that
a soft answer turneth away wrath (other's & my own).

The desert-like roads went on and on.
They were wide, long, and empty...
almost like a small airport runway.
There was a lot of incline, too, which slowed us down.
Cows, and lots of them, were found often
in the middle of what seemed like nowhere.

Towards dusk, the long roads reflected the bright sun
and they looked as if they were covered with water.

Miles and miles of land. .. so much beauty
in this seemingly, untouched part of our country.

When traveling down these long roads, it came in handy
that we were towing our own restroom. ;-)


About 7:30 pm, we were getting a break in the heat
as the sun began to set, looking like a giant, close fireball.
The breezes Began to get cooler.
As the sun got closer to setting, it looked as if
it were melting into a shimmering, fiery puddle
as it started to disappear behind the mountains. Beautiful!

As we traveled through Albuquerque at night,
the city lights glistened... a different kind of beauty. ;-)
We traveled to a stop shortly before Gallup
and picked a comfy spot in a W*l-m*rt parking lot
to bunk for the rest of the night.
We all drifted off into a deep sleep quickly
and were thankful to rest for the night. ;-)

Photo Journal of this day can be found HERE


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I have really been enjoying reading about your trip across the USA. I especially enjoyed the post about Texas - since that is where I am! :O)
Thanks so much for sharing about the tension and about praying for a meek and quiet spirit. This was exactly what I needed to hear. I noticed that yesterday something very minor happened and it really got me in a bad mood and I really need to pray about this as well.
Praying you have safe travels and I look forward to the rest of your trip!
Lisa in Texas :o)

Sonja said...

What an exciting trip you all are taking. :) I can't wait til we are on our own trip later this summer.

We'll be praying for you and yours to feel better. It's no fun traveling long distances and being ill.

The Grand Canyon...oh how fun! I hope we can take our kids one day to see it. Have fun! :)

Keep having a blessed journey.

Alesha said...

Christina, I am continuing to enjoy your cross-country posts...praying for your family when you are sick, and praising with you when the storms are past.

I thought you would like to know that our mutual friend, Mrs. C, did a little blogging yesterday! :) Thought you might want to read what she had to say about her recent health situation that you were so kind to help us pray her through! :) Thank you so much for that!

God speed,


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