Friday, May 7, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 5

Journaling our cross-country journey...

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 5, originally uploaded by hskubes.

Today began at 6:30am.
I walked up the hill to mama-in-law's house
to enjoy a cup of coffee
then woke the children to prepare for departure.
I helped my beloved get the camper hooked up to Yuki,
we said our goodbyes and were on the road around 10am.

About an hour down the road,
we passed an RV store and pulled in.
We got a shear pin for the sway bars,
which had broken the other day.
While someone was talking
with Hubby about the camper,
the children, Suzie, and I
walked on a pier that went out into a pond.

It was bright, hot, and sunny out
and the breeze blowing across the water felt beautiful!
Afterwards, we sat on the porch of the store,
enjoying the rocking chairs as we waited for Daddy to finish.

Around noon, we were back on the road, again.
The skies were bright, clear, blue
and full of wispy, white clouds.
It was a beautiful sight.
The younger ones played with their animal toys
that they had gotten from Bass Pro Shop the day before. ;o)
Ally and I enjoyed sightseeing for a while.

On the other side of Birmingham,
we missed our turn off
and had to do a U-turn across the highway...
I'm sure it can be imagined how easy that was. ;o) lol
But after our successful turn around,
we were back on track...
and the road kept going... and going...
and going...
It seemed a never ending road for a while,
but the vivid colors of God's beautiful creation
were breathtaking
as we journeyed down the long, hilly road.

We learned that the hills we were on
were actually part of the Appalachian Mountains!
We were awed at how the same mountains that we
drive on in West Virginia are of the same chain in Alabama!
Another testimony to God's wonderful design!

We spent over 200 miles on the highway...
it was long, it had a few 'scary' bridges,
but, oh, it was beautiful!

We stopped a little before 3:00 to fill up the gas
and Ally made lunch in the camper for all of us...
turkey sandwiches and applesauce cups.
I held my beloved's applesause as he drove down the road,
for easy scooping for him. ;o)
Around 3:30, we rolled into Mississippi.
We enjoyed reading some facts
about The Magnolia State
(getting my info from on my cell).
As the drive continued, we enjoyed singing along
with a Patch the Pirate singing cd
and I enjoyed reading more of my new "Duggar's" book.
It's been a real blessing to read their testimony.

We made another stop for gas
about 25 miles before Memphis
and while we were at the station
Will spotted a tank sitting in front of a VFW
so I walked him over to see it...
Then we loaded back into Yuki
and bounced our way to Memphis. ;o)
We crossed into Tennesse, The Volunteer State,
around 5:30pm... just in time for some traffic. ;o)

Our visit in Memphis didn't last long
and we soon crossed the great Mississippi River
and into Arkansas, The Natural State
AND my place of birth, around 6:00.
I enjoyed the drive through Arkansas,
as we passed the endless, but beautiful, farm lands...
it brought back many childhood memories.

We arrived at our Arkansas destination,
the place I grew up... my grandma & grandpa's,
when it was already dark.
Hugs were immediate!
We backed the camper into the driveway
and went into the house to enjoy supper
and lots of fellowship....
and the younger ones enjoyed
playing outside with cousins.
I was so glad my daddy is still visiting here
and that I'm able to see him, too!
Eventually, we turned in for the night.

Everything and everyone seems to still look the same...
like this place and the people have been preserved in time...
bringing me back to so many memories.
How I smile at such wonderful familiarity.

It's a wonderful assurance and comfort
when it seems that some things do not change...
What a perfect and wonderful assurance and comfort
to know that Jesus Christ... HE never changes.
"Jesus Christ the same
yesterday, and to day, and for ever."
~ Hebrews 13:9

I look forward to our extended visit here...

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