Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 16

I was blessed with being able to sleep in today.
The extra sleep was needed, as sickness seems to be
spreading itself through the family.

After waking up this morning, I enjoyed a cup of coffee
with my daddy on the back porch... a real blessing and treat.
I made pancakes, bacon, and sausage for breakfast
and everyone gathered around the table to enjoy.
We were amused at my daddy making sandwiches
with his pancakes and the strawberry jam we gave him. lol

Later, I went into town alone.
I admired the countryside on my venture out
and fed my soul with Christ-honoring music,
worshipping HIM through singing...

Still thinking on those precious truths...
"But then upon my knees I fall, I see Him face-to-face,
He may not give the answers, but He always gives His grace..."
Oh, how I am thankful for HIS abundant and amazing grace!

The photo above is one sight that I pulled over
to the side of the road to marvel at.
Such a beautiful and peaceful sight it was!
What a wonderful and marvelous Creator we have!

The afternoon was filled with organizing the camper
and after supper we enjoyed visiting.
Tomorrow, LORD willing, we continue with our journey.

I am thankful for the special time the LORD
allowed us to have here. It has been such a blessing
to spend so much time with family and where I grew up as a child.
Many fond memories... and now I have more.

"For God is the King of all the earth:
sing ye praises with understanding."
~ Psalm 47:7


Elizabeth said...

Just dropping you a line to let you know how blessed I've been reading about your cross-country venture. It seems like this is such an exciting time for your family.

And, I say, you must take your camera everywhere to capture such great shots. I wish I were more like that!! I never remember the camera.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the pic's,I'm so glad your dad was in Ark. while you all were...wish I could have been there also..Hope everyone is feeling better..looking forward to keeping up with ya's..Always in my prayers and my heart


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