Monday, May 3, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels: Day 1

Journaling our cross-country journey...

Today, around noon, we set forth in 'Yuki',
towing the camper behind,
after a long and sad good-bye
to our friends of nine years.
Sunday evening, we had a farewell fellowship after church
and said our good-byes to our church family.
I will miss each of them.
I will always thank the LORD
for the blessing of our church family there.
He knew just what we needed
when HE led us to that church and fellow believers.
We will miss our church family dearly.

Our last church service there was a blessing.
In the morning service, our Beth
followed the LORD Jesus in baptism.
In the evening service, the children sang,
our eldest sang a duet with her friend,
and our son had the opportunity to preach, again.
All events were such a blessing to this mama's heart!

We leave a part of our hearts as we leave this place.


Today was a hot 82 degrees as we began our journey.
We packed up and traveled to hubby's work
so he could detatch from his unit.
As we waited, the younger children enjoyed their
scavenger hunt in a bottle that our
pastor's wife put together for them.
Ally continued reading "Do Hard Things".

After his detachment,
we headed to the base scales
to weigh Yuki and the camper.
Then we filled up the gas tank, grabbed a bite to eat,
and began traveling to our first destination.

Long, winding country highways...
farm tractors inching down the road...
North Carolina farmlands... covered bridges...
speaking GPS that startles... bathroom breaks...
Patch the Pirate cd and songs about family...
singing together... enjoying God's creation together...
snack breaks... South Carolina marsh gas...
heavy rains and tornado watches...
backing the camper into a 90 degree angle driveway...
visiting brother-in-law...
sleeping in the camper for the first time...

The LORD is good!
We thank and praise HIM for
HIS mercy, grace, and protection.


Alesha said...

I'm so excited to be coming along with you on your journey, as you blog about it here! So encouraging to read along as the Lord leads, provides, and keeps you safe and sane in the days ahead. :) (I'm a teeny bit jealous,!)


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since we made a similar journey across country. I'll be praying for your safety as you travel.

PlainJane said...

Praising God for Beth's baptism & your family able to minister at that church one last time. I'm sure the leaving was difficult - lots of sweet memories.

Emily of A Beautiful Life said...

What a wonderful journey! :)


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