Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 18... Of Dinosaurs and More...

This morning, we woke up in the land of dinosaurs...
and we were eager to venture out and explore.

The younger ones roamed trails in the woods
while we prepared for our adventure
and as they were playing, our Carolynne lost her first tooth.
(Sigh) They sure grow up so fast.
We celebrated with her and she blessed us with
her first toothless grin. It was precious.

We ventured out around 10:30am, got brunch,
and made it to our first stop...
The Creation Evidence Museum.
We enjoyed the displays of fossils and more,
all scientifically defending the truths of creation.
It was a real blessing!
I was, also, able to get quite a few books
to add to our personal library!

See photos of our visit here:
Photo Journal: Creation Evidence Museum

Afterwards, we went to Dinosaur World.
We enjoyed a little shopping, then walked the trails
to see the dinosaurs, played on a playground,
walked through the museum, and dug for fossils.
It was a lot of fun!

See photos of our visit here:
Photo Journal: Dinosaur World

After that, we went to a wildlife center where
you drive through to see the animals.
It was like an African safari as we traveled down
dirt roads, up and down small mountains, and across rough terrain.
But what a delight it was to see all the animals!
And to feed them, pet the zebras, and hand feed the giraffes
as they came to the vehicle and popped their heads in!
It was amazing!
Of course, hand washing was necessary after all the
giraffe drool from feeding them. ;-)

See photos of our visit here:
Photo Journal: A Safari

We, then, made our way to the store and back to the campground
to make supper and enjoy our evening together.

I marvel at the handiwork of our Creator!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

Dinosaur World looks pretty cool from your picture there, lol. :)

Aww, losing the first tooth. Our son lost his firt tooth very late, as his adult teeth were growing behind the baby teeth. But he lost that first one, and then this week, he lost the second one. It does bring tears to my eyes as he grows up very quickly.


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