Sunday, May 23, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 21... Mountains, Tornadoes & and Lessons in Faith...

Sunday, May 23...

We pulled out of San Antonio around lunchtime
and headed westward. The interstate seemed to last forever,
but the view of the hills, rocks, and cliffs
were a beautiful sight!

I decided to sit in the back with the children for a while
and let Ally have the front with Daddy. It was fun!

For a snack, I had turtles and Ally had brains! LOL
They were gummy snacks but we had a lot of fun with it.

The lil' girls played with their sock puppets
(that we made in our Keeper's group a while back),
Will read a book and so did Ally.
We listened and sang along to some Patch the Pirate.

I was reading in Isaiah today...
"For the LORD is our judge,
the LORD is our lawgiver,
the LORD is our king;
He will save us."

I thought on how so many times we see God
as loving, merciful, and forgiving (which HE is),
taking for granted HIS goodness and grace,
not remembering that HE is still a jealous, just,
and righteous judge and king.

Another verse that stood out was
"Seek ye out the book of the LORD,
and read..."
(Isaiah 34:16a)
A great reminder!


Driving through the Davis Mountains of Texas was beautiful!
Seeing the flat tops, trees, dirt, rock...
Various summits and peaks...
The rays of sunlight seemed to be pointing to them,
magnifying their beauty! Breathtaking!
And all at the word of our Creator.
It was HIS magnificent handiwork!
I sat in awe as I marveled at HIS beauty!


As we approached Fort Stockton,
very dark, blackened (& scary) skies became visible
and heavy winds began to pick up.
My beloved pulled off and we sat in the parking lot
of a campground watching the skies.
Other campers were outside watching,
as there were reported two tornadoes on the ground
and headed our direction.
We watched intently and in prayer
(many online friends praying,too!),
waiting to see when we would need to take shelter.

Checking the report, again, it showed
that both tornadoes had dissipated! Gone!
We cried and thanked God!

Severe thunderstorm warnings were still in effect
and hubby decided to stay put for he evening
and paid for a spot to camp.

The wind and lighting picked up, again,
so the children and I joined Daddy in he office.
Soon there was another tornado warning
and the storm had changed direction,
coming back our way.
We sat in the laundry room for a little while
and soon the tornado had gone with the storm,
leaving quicker than it came.

I am thankful for the LORD's mercy.
So thankful for HIS protection...
How HE chased the storm away!
Thankful for HIS sovereignty...
How HE had my husband pull off the road
at just the right time!
How, if we had driven any further,
we could've been like the campground owner's husband,
under the overpass a few miles down
watching the tornado go right by!
We are so undeserving of HIS mercy, grace, & goodness.

As hubby hooked up the camper,
the Holy Spirit brought to mind that frightened lady,
who anxiously awaited her husband's safe return.
Did she have peace about her eternity?
By HIS Spirit, I will speak to her tomorrow.

During the storms, Ally read Psalm 91,
which was such a blessing!
We are under the shadow of the Almighty!
He is our refuge and fortress!
He is my God, in Whom I will trust!
He will be with us in trouble.
What comfort!

When we got out of Yuki
and were loading into the camper,
the wind was blowing strong
and when I looked up in the sky
the moon and stars were clearly seen
and shining so brightly
and the end of a large wall of storm clouds
were illuminated by the moonlight,
being blown quickly away,
as if by the breath of God Himself.

It was a beautiful sight
and a beautiful lesson from El Shaddai.

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Valerie said...

So thankful the Lord answered prayer and kept you all safe! He is always so good to us.


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