Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 24... The Grand Canyon...

Today we woke up at the foot of a mountain! It was a beautiful sight!

We loaded into Yuki, picked up some breakfast,
and headed to the Grand Canyon. We were excited!
We had only seen it in pictures
and were eager to see it in person!

As we drove, I loved watching the snow-capped mountain
(known as Sacred Mountain). It was a breath-taking view,
especially among all the desert-looking land.

There was lots of desert hills on our way
and, as we got closer, there were many other canyons
before we reached the Grand one.
They were wonderful to see!

Eventually, we arrived at Grand Canyon National Park.

Our first stop was a spectacular view!
The deep canyon seemed endless!
The rock formations and colors were gorgeous!

The Colorado River in the distance was beautiful.

And the way the canyon rocks and the horizon met
was absolutely breathtaking!
What a testimony to our Creator's marvelous handiwork!

"For the word of the LORD is right;
and all His works are done in truth.
He loveth righteousness and judgement:
the earth is full of the goodness of the LORD.
By the word of the LORD were the heavens made;
and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth...
Let all the earth fear the LORD:
let all the inhabitants of the world
stand in awe of Him."
~ Psalm 33:4-6,8

Also, at our first stop, there was a watchtower
that we were able to climb.
The climb (and descent) was exhausting
but the view was worth it. It was amazing!

At our next stop, we were able to
climb out onto some rocks to get some photos
and a whole other view! It was wonderful!

What an amazing creation we have to enjoy
at the hand of our awesome Creator!


On the way back to our campsite,
we stopped on the side of the road
to view some things that were being sold
by some of the local Navajo people.
We enjoyed seeing some of their jewelry,
pottery, and other craft work.
One woman shared with me a few stories
of their Navajo custom/traditions.
For instance, she told me how the Navajo people
take the juniper seeds that fall from the trees,
dry them out and make them into jewelry...
That they believe those juniper seeds
will ward off evil spirits and they even
put them on their babies.
It was sad to hear of such misplaced faith.


When we got back into town,
Daddy and Will worked together under the hood
to fix a squeaky problem. ;o)
Then we enjoyed dinner together at a local diner...
getting our kicks on Route 66. ;o)

It was a day full of blessings!
What a wonderful God we serve!

To see more pics, see our
Photo Journal: Grand Canyon

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