Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 3

Journaling our cross-country journey...

Today we were up around 6:30am to prepare
for our departure from Uncle's house.
We managed to get on the road around 9am
and began our journey to Atlanta.

We enjoyed singing along to
FBN share-a-thon music
that we had on cd (given to us by our pastor).
It was a joy to sing praises together
as we bounced traveled down the long road...

On the way, we stopped at a rest area
to stretch our legs and such and prepare lunch.
I enjoyed preparing our first lunch in the camper. ;o)

Just as I was finishing up preparing lunch,
my beloved blessed me with a
freshly picked-by-him wildflower/wildweed bouquet...

What a thoughtful blessing! *Ü*

We ate lunch as we traveled
down the road toward our destination.
Suzie resting her head on her bowl. ;o)
{picture from my phone and blurry... so sorry}

The children as we traveled.
{notice the lil' girls in the back seat? lol}

Between the heat (almost 90), leather seats,
and no air conditioning to conserve power
to haul the camper, and Atlanta lunch traffic,
temperments weren't, um, quite at their best.
But, by God's grace, we forgave one another,
moved on and arrived at our friend's house.

What a joy it was to visit with friends
that we hadn't seen in years!
The children (and Suzie) enjoyed playing outside
with one another and their children
and the adults enjoyed catching up. ;o)
They blessed us with a wonderful meal
(and chocolate chip cookies!).
It was a sweet time of fellowship and blessing!

We departed their home around 3:30
and began our journey to Alabama
where hubby's mama, dad, and sister live.
We caught thick traffic in Atlanta,
a pin snapped off of the sway bar on the camper
(but after inspection, it was still driveable),
traffic was at a snail's pace, it was over 90 in Yuki,
the air was off to conserve power
and the windows were down...
It was hot!
But we worked at counting our blessings
and enjoyed singing more praises.

South of Atlanta, Daddy decided
to turn the air on for a bit.
What a delight that was! ;o)

We arrived in Alabama around 6pm
and became time travellers, travelling back in time,
as we crossed the Central Time Zone. ;o)
We learned that Alabama does not have
an official nickname and is commonly called
"The Heart of Dixie" and sometimes called
the Cotton State or Yellowhammer State...
ah, Yuki-schooling! ;o)

We stopped to fill up at the gas station
and Ally and I walked to the Waffle House for coffee,
then we headed down the road to finish our trip.

We arrived at mama-in-law's shortly after
and enjoyed eating supper and fellowshipping with them
before retiring for the night.
Since mom's house is on a hill... so is the camper
and as we laid in it, getting comfortable in bed,
we realized it was leaning way too much, so,
in the middle of the night, we packed the children
into the Yukon, hooked the camper to it,
and adjusted its position to be more level.

An hour or two later, we were finally able
to lay down and rest our sleepy eyes.

I was thankful for my husband, who works so hard,
is very thorough, and cares so much for his family.

The LORD is good... always.


Alesha said...

I've made several trips from Florida to Virginia in the dead of summer with no a/c in the car. Here's my tip for you - squirt bottles!!! I used one to spray water on all exposed skin (and discreetly on the not-exposed skin LOL!)and it is amazing how it can cool you right down.

Enjoying the updates!

Nikki said...

Sounds like Day 3 has been quite the adventure!! I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey.

PlainJane said...

Wonderful journal! Was the FBN cd taped by your pastor or is it something FBN sells? Sounds great! I am liking our new Christian radio station, but haven't got it all figured out as to when there is music - right now we wake up to preaching, lol. I esp. like men's quartets (esp. tenor) and beautiful piano playing.

I like your tupperware - so bright and cheery.

I was wondering how Suzie was doing. Elsa likes to sleep with her ear in the water bowl when she is hot. And I don't know, but perhaps the littles would have been cooler & in better spirits if they didn't have the blankets over them, lol.

Yes, it's good not to overheat Yuki. You are experiencing the opposite of what it is up here. We even had a bit of snow last night, but I'm sure the little that stuck will melt soon.

Journey Mercies My Friend!!! Thanks for taking me along.


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