Thursday, May 6, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 4

Journaling our cross-country journey...

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 4, originally uploaded by hskubes.

It was a blessing to sleep in this morning.
I rolled out of bed around 8:30, enjoyed a quiet walk
uphill to mama-in-law's house to get a cup of coffee.
Hubby was already there enjoying his cup
and I was glad to join the morning table talk.

I got myself a second cup and one for Ally
then walked back to the camper to wake the children.
They all got dressed then we went to the house
to enjoy a delicious breakfast. ;-)


As the menfolk enjoyed a golf outing later,
the lil' girls (and Ally) enjoyed cooling off
in the slip and slide that Aunt got them.
It was quite a sight to see.

It warms my heart to see glimpses
of the little girl our Ally once was...
to see her heartily laugh and have fun.
It was a delight to see the lil girls have such fun, too. ;-)
I sat on the porch, enjoying the hot Alabama day,
visiting with my mama-in-law & sis-in-law.

Later, the ladies enjoyed lunch out
and then shopped at a local flea/antique market.
I found a few special finds,
Including some homeschool books!


Later, hubby, the children, and I went to Bass Pro Shop.
We enjoyed looking at the fish tank, shooting rifles (toy),
and finding a few nature books to add to our collection.
Then we enjoyed an ice cream together outside.

Afterwards we stopped at a store to look around
and Ally and I got matching flip flops
(they were buy one get one free!). ;-)

Our final stop, before heading back to the house,
was at a local artesian well (pictured above).
It was fun to read about the well
and to fill our water bottles!

I was reminded of how Jesus is our Living Water
and how, when we drink from HIM,
we will be satisfied and will not thirst again.

"But whosoever drinketh of the water
that I shall give him
shall never thirst;
but the water that I shall give him
shall be in him a well of water
springing up into everlasting life"
~ Luke 4:14


After supper, we enjoyed fellowshipping
and retired to the camper some time after 10pm.

Tomorrow, LORD willing, we head to Arkansas.


Heather B. said...

I am really enjoying your travels with you! :) I would like to try the same thing when we start our journey, just not sure how that will work with a newborn, hrm... It's a blessing to know there is a sweet family traveling across the U.S. protected by God's mighty hand and enjoying this country! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying "travelling" with you on this journey! It reminds me of our early days, when my husband was in the military and we moved from place to place. The Lord bless your travels and your sweet family :o)

Sonja said...

I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your travels across the USA. :) Too bad you're not staying longer in Alabama, as that's where we live for right now, while my hubby is training. And there is a great park near us called Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama. It's really nice.

I hope you all have many more days of wonderful traveling. Speaking of no a/c, you might could get the battery operated hand-held fans? :) They are at Walmart, for sure, but I'm not sure where else. Stay cool! :-D

Jody said...

What a surprise to pull up your blog and find my hometown!!!! I recognized the fountain! Enjoying your journey across country. God Bless!!!

PlainJane said...

Make sure to wave on your way past! ((Hugs))


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