Friday, May 21, 2010

Haven at Home on Wheels... Day 19... Signs, Stings, Serenades... San Antonio

Friday, day 19...

We packed up the camper and left the land of dinosaurs.
Much of our journey today involved long, country highway...
(Where the speed limit is faster during the day!)
Lots of land, ranches, hills, valleys... road.

We stopped for gas halfway, going in for a treat and bathroom stop.
Bathroom was "broken"... I plunged it and "saved the day".
The cashier was so happy, she blessed us with a free drink. ;-)
Meanwhile, my sweetheart was conversing with a former Marine,
who was a purple heart recipient and carried the bullet
of the AK-47 round that he was shot with around with him.

Eventually, we reached San Antonio...
and as we were looking for our exit, a 'crazy' thing happened...
A bee flew in my window and stung me on my elbow!
I couldn't remove the stinger myself so I had to wait
until my beloved could pull off the road.

I hadn't been stung by a bee since I was a little girl.
I was reminded of how painful it is.
I thanked he LORD for the experience so that
I can be more sympathetic when someone else may be stung.
I, also, thanked HIM for not having an allergic reaction.
And, of course, I thanked HIM that it wasn't a snake bite!

I took two Benadryl and was slightly drowsy the rest of the day.
While my sweetie set up the camper, I took a mini nap. ;-)

Later in the evening, we went to the Riverwalk for supper.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant, at the water.
While we were there, we were serenaded with spanish music
as the small group of men made their way around the restaurant.
It was very interesting and fun!

Tomorrow... The Alamo!

1 comment:

Sonja said...

I bet the cashier was very glad for you fixing the toilet, lol. :)

Bees. I'm not good around bees. I'm allergic to them, and would probably be crying. I'm very glad you didn't have a reaction to it. :) I hope the rest of your trip is bee sting-free.


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